Thursday, December 16, 2010

Straightening Your Hair, Using Chemicals

Straightening Your Hair, Using Chemicals

There's a theory that women with straight hair want curly hair and women with curly hair want hair that is straight. In many cases, this is true! Straight hair can be a real big pain in the butt to try and play with and curly hair can be a pain to brush. However, one nearly always foolproof method is chemicals.

The only problem with chemicals is that they can cause your hair to become damaged or they can carry toxins that aren't particularly good for you to breathe in. But if you really want straight hair, the question that you might be asking yourself is—what should I do about this?

Well, simply decide how you would like to have your hair straightened! True, there's always the flat iron option, but most people don't realize that a flat iron doesn't last long and most of us don't have the money to buy a flat iron that's going to break in six months or just doesn't work on our hair—we want results! And so, here are a few result getters:

Brazillion blowout. This is a newer means of straightening your hair in a salon. It is not particularly cheap, but it can last a few good days, depending on how often that you wash your hair. On one hand, it also has been in the news a lot recently because of its formahdehyde content. It's fairly simple—they put a chemical in your hair and then flat iron it. It gets your hair glossy smooth, but not for long

Japanese treatment. This lasts up to six months but it can cost several hundreds of dollars. It's mainly a matter of just how desperate you are to have your hair straightened.

Then there's the good old, cheap hair-frying relaxer. You can do it at home and you can do it in a shop—it's entirely up to you. These only last a few months (depending on the person), but they also don't cost and arm, leg, and ear.

Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Keeping It Professional in the Office, Hair Tips 2011

Keeping It Professional in the Office, Hair Tips 2011

Let's face it—keeping it professional in the office is a really big deal, even when it comes to hair. So the question is—what kind of hairstyles help you to look cute and sophisticated at the exact same time?

Well, for one, the french braid definitely fits the bill. This is a braid that interconnects several pieces of hair together. It may not seem like much at first, but what you may not realize is that when you put your hair up in this hairstyles, you not only pull your hair back, but you also give yourself a very professional air. Maybe it's because it's normally a very tight braid or perhaps because of the amount of time (which is a few minutes longer than most hairstyles) that it takes in order to perfect the hairstyle.

Next is the regular old bun. However, a scraggly scrunchie isn't likely to help your professional image. Your best bet is to pull out your good old bobby pins and put them in for a spin—quite literally. Using bobby pins makes your bun not only immaculately neat, but also makes it look very very chic. You can pair it with a thin headband to add a little bit of pizzazz to the hairstyle.

Last is your good old ponytail. You can't go wrong with a pony! This is a very simple hairstyle that almost anyone can pull off and also helps you to stay sleek and clean cut during office hours. Plus, it's really, really easy to fix a ponytail. No hairbrush required!
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Sunday, November 28, 2010

How to Feather Your Own Hair

How to Feather Your Own Hair

When you feather your hair, you create soft, curvy layers that aren’t extremely noticeable, but give your hair a little bit of body and make it a lot easier for you to brush and manage. However, this is normally quite simple and there’s no need for you to go to a salon to do what you can do at home.

Start off by buying a feathering comb (which can be found at beauty supply stores). Make sure that if you already have one that you have changed out the blade—you’ll need it to be very, very sharp.

Next, take sections of your hair and either pin them up or separate them in some other way. Leave the very bottom section down. Make sure that you have another comb handy.

Then, take off a small section of your bottom layer—or more if you want. Continue doing this until you get up to the last section you want layered.

While layering, a good rule of thumb is to try and do so at an angle. This will help your layers to look as if they blend in with your hair a little better, while also giving it a little bit of body.

Also, remember that higher layers may prove to be a bit of a pain in the rear when you are trying to get your hair restyled. Keep this in mind.

Lastly, do not try to trim layers with blunt cut scissors after feathering them. This will generally end in failure/an extremely blunt cut that nothing can fix.

Friday, November 19, 2010

Cutting Your Own Bangs: Blunt Cut

Cutting Your Own Bangs: Blunt Cut

Cutting your bangs can be a bit of a money saver. However, it can also be a problem causer as well. So how exactly do you go about getting the bangs that you want for cheaper?
Hairstyle with Bangs

First of all, make sure that you have a few pictures of girls with their hair/bangs cut the way that you want. Don’t hesitate to look up a few tips for cutting your own hair as well. Make sure that you have a general concept. Two, get a steady-handed buddy. If you know that you have a friend who is an at home stylist (whether professionally so or otherwise), see if they will give you a hand with your hair. If you don’t, try to do so by yourself. Make sure that you have haircutting scissors, a wide tooth comb, a fine tooth comb, and that you have a good mirror.
Hairstyle with Bangs

Before you start cutting, get all of the hair that you want cut and naturally goes where your bangs do ready. If your hair is naturally curly, you may not want to opt for this style unless you plan on straightening it on a regular basis. Do not wet your bangs—they will look completely different when straight and there may be as much as an inch’s difference from what is cut and what you wanted. Keep it dry so that you can see what you’re doing and how long it will be.
Bangs are In!!

If you have any haircutting ribbon or scotch tape, use that as a marker and cut along it. Once you have gotten your blunt cut bangs to a satisfactory length (or lack thereof), then check for stray hairs and make sure they are trimmed accordingly.
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Monday, November 8, 2010

Ponytail Hairstyle Variations for 2011

Ponytail Hairstyle Variations for 2011

If you want to make the most of a pony tail then you can take some tips from English actress Kate Beckinsale who looks hot with her hair in a ponytail or worn just about any way. But you don’t just want to sling your hair back and loop a hair tie around it but you want to style the pony tail so it has a flirty different look to it. You can take that pony tail and give it a tousled look so it seems to fan out on your back. This brunette actress knows how to make her hair look long and curly and romantic. But she also knows how to have it styled in a ponytail so it looks good too.
Kate Beckinsale

A ponytail can be sleek and long and gorgeous or it can be textured so it appears to have lots of depth. If you are not good at copying hairstyles from looking at them in a magazine or on the internet you can always get some styling assistance from your hair stylist when you go in for your usual trim. A hair stylist knows how to make your hair look good and will gladly help you work out a way that you too can make it look good when you are at home styling it yourself.
Of course Kate Beckinsale doesn’t just wear her long hair in a ponytail but she also does some funky up dos with it or she also goes curly too.
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Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Special Hairstyles for the Holiday Season 2011

Special Hairstyles for the Holiday Season 2011

As the holiday season approaches you may decide you want to get a special hairstyle to make you look even prettier or more elegant. For Christmas you might chose something very festive. An up swept hairstyle entwined with red and green ribbons would look very pretty. Or try a sleek page boy with curled under bangs with a very fancy glittery headband. Curls make a nice addition especially if they tumble down the back or around the nape of the neck. You just need something a little bit special to make a big hairstyle change for the holidays.
Special Hairstyles for the Holiday Season 2011

This might translate into a completely new look like a radical hair cut or a completely different hair color. If you have straight hair you might get a perm to make your hair full of curls and then have some highlights added also. This may take two visits so that the color doesn’t affect the perm. Or you might get a completely new color like bright red with some darker highlights. Or even red hair color with some green highlights for the Christmas season. No matter what you try you can always get it cut and restyled after the holidays. For New Years eve you may want to have your hair stylist give you a new look. If you have longer hair you might get some curl added. If you have short hair you might get a more layered cut which will give your hair some volume. A short hairstyle can look really foxy.
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Sunday, October 17, 2010

Hair Pieces and Wigs as Hairstyles

Hair Pieces and Wigs as Hairstyles

Sometimes you just want to have different hair. There are a lot of places where you can buy a wig. The wig can be in pink or blue for a punk look. It is just temporary so you don’t have to make any drastic decisions about your hair style.

Another way to change your hairstyle, your personal style and your whole look is to add hair pieces like hair extensions or pony tails. Synthetic hair is made so much better than it used to be made and very often it looks authentic. But a hair piece could give you tendrils or a long sheaf of hair. You can get hair pieces eighteen inches long or much longer. You can change your style instantly. Hair extensions are also available in a clip on style. You can go mod or long without a lot of trouble.

Coupled with a hat, hair pieces can make an instant change for a few short hours. Just for as long as you are wearing the hat. Hair pieces come with Velcro so it can be attached to something else. You can also attach a hair piece to a scarf. These are not permanent changes and you could re-style several times a day if you want.

This is also a great way to let over permned or sun bleached hair grow out and recover. Tuck that long hair into a short bobbed wig for an instant personality change. It’s a fun way for a day.

Wednesday, October 6, 2010

The Right Hairstyle for a Job Interview

The Right Hairstyle for a Job Interview

You are going on a job interview and you want to look your best. You may also have to interview with more than one person, besides personnel. And naturally you are very nervous. What hair style should you consider? The hair style greatly depends on the type of job or work you are interviewing for. If you are interviewing at a night club waitress position you want to blend with the other employees and also have a hair style that is easy to control and keep in place.

If you are interviewing for an office position, you will want a hair style that looks professional and well cut and cared for. First impressions really do count. You take care with your outfit and shoes so don’t forget the hair style. And make sure your hair is clean and neat. If it’s long, pull it back into a style that complements your face and looks balanced with your outfit. If short, then make sure it is neatly in place.

If you are interviewing for an outdoor position such as with the forest service or a construction company, then you want a practical hair style or maybe just a pony tail or braid, or something very short and easy to care for. You really don’t want anything elaborate as you may be wearing a hard hat all day.

You really need to coordinate your hair style with the office or job environment you are interviewing with. Perhaps check out current employees hairstyles.

Saturday, September 25, 2010

Perfect Hairstyles with Bangs 2010, 2011 Season

Perfect Hairstyles with Bangs

Bangs go in and out of style like the wind. You shouldn’t dismiss your bangs, because they can really help you in getting a style perfect. Bangs can be worn in a variety of ways and can really enhance your look.
Perfect Hairstyles with Bangs

If you have long hair, bangs are perfect for you. You can wear them wavy to help soften your features, wispy to bring your eyes out more, or straight for a more sophisticated look. Long hair and bangs are great together. If you wear your hair in a ponytail, your bangs can help add some style and class to it. They are great to help shorten a long face or soften sharp features.
Perfect Hairstyles with Bangs

The short hairstyles look wonderful with bangs as well. Angled bobs with side swept bangs are very popular and they look great. Bangs are one vital component to allowing these bob haircuts to suit any woman with any face shape, since their lengths can help match the haircut to the woman.
Perfect Hairstyles with Bangs

Bangs are great to add style, class, and even playfulness to a hairstyle. Try to keep your bangs rather than cutting them if you want the added versatility they bring to any style. And of course, everyone loves bangs that you peek through – it’s such a sexy style!
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Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Perm Hairstyle, Yes or No

Perm Hairstyle, Yes or No

In the seventies, when you had your hair permed it meant getting tiny tight curls or tight waves. And the permanent wave process, quite frankly stunk. Another vision of a permanent wave or a perm was the tightly waved blue hair of a grandmother. If you went through the process once, you probably didn’t try it a second time, unless you liked being a blue haired grandmother.
Well perms have changed a lot since the seventies. First of all they don’t smell as bad. They still have an odor but it’s not as bad as it used to be because chemicals have changed in the process. Second an experienced stylist can control the type of perm you get. Also there are different types of perms available today.

Some of the different perms available today are the root lift which is a perm solution only added to the roots of the hair. This will lift the roots and add some body and lift to the hair style. You can get a spot perm where maybe only the ends of the hair are permed leaving you with light curls at the tips. A perm may be used to take the curl out of hair or a kind of reverse perm to loosen the curls. A perm has two steps, the first one breaks down the hair and the second one that neutralizes the hair. Expect to spend about 2 plus hours for the process and for it to last two plus months.

Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Long Simple Loose Hairstyles 2010, 2011

Long Simple Loose Hairstyles 2010, 2011

Long simple and loose hairstyles are one of the easier ones to create. All you have to do is to towel dry your hair and apply hair care products that moisturize the hair to prevent it from drying. You can also use a dryer at medium to low heat and once the hair is dried, all you have to do is to use a hair spray and the hair will hold itself for the rest of the day.
Long Simple Loose Hairstyles

This kind of hairstyle is incredibly popular these days, among celebrities as well as college girls, as it gives a very casual yet cute and trendy look. Since they are also easier to wear and to maintain, it is again an added advantage. Even if your hair gets a little tousled or loosened, you are still getting the kind of look you would want to wear. The casual style is considered trendy and is very popular these days and this hairstyle gives that casual and bohemian look.
This hairstyle looks best in a slightly layered hair and this will give it a little more body and will help maintain a natural wave, which is very good to look at indeed. Pony tails or clips can also be used to wear trendy look in this type of hairstyles. You could easily dangle a few strands around the face at the front and the sides, and you get a casual, trendy style. It is undoubtedly one of the easiest methods of maintaining long hair.
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Wednesday, September 8, 2010

To Be a Blonde or a Redhead with a Great Hairstyle

To Be a Blonde or a Redhead with a Great Hairstyle

When you decide to get your hair colored you then need to decide what color you would like it to be. There are a lot of ways to get a different hair color these days. Some simply are put on then you sit under a dryer for it to do its color work. This type of color will not last as long as the kind that is applied after the hair has been stripped of most or all of its color. That process takes longer. The faster process of almost instant color will only attach itself to the follicle it will not actually enter it. The color may only last a few washings.
Red or Blonde

The more permanent process is a two-step process where they actually strip the hair of its color then add color back to it. This process will fade over time but it will not disappear until you basically have it re-colored or cut. Then to the final color there is a super color which is supposed to add a different color to the new color. This process does not always work out well.
If you just want to add some fun kicky color for a short while, then go for the temporary hair color. If you want glorious red hair or copper hair or blond hair then go for the two step process.
When you do decide to take this step, plan to have some fun with the new look that will be the newest lovely you.
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Sunday, September 5, 2010

The Mullet Hairstyles, Try Something Different

The Mullet Hairstyles, Try Something Different

Many hairstyles of the 70s and 80s are coming back in fashion. Some of the most famous ones have been the bob and mullet hairstyles. The once so famous Beatles were seen sporting the bob styles which everybody wanted to imitate once upon a time. Now the same bob haircut seems to be catching up the trend among youngsters. The mullet hairstyle had been a great attraction in the 80s which seems to catch up fascination again among the current generation.

One of the famous celebrities who donned the mullet hairstyles were Kevin Federline, Britney Spears’ ex and Orlando Bloom and many others. It is not necessary that the mullet hairstyle has to be a formation of only one particular style. It can be a combination of two or three styles as well. The basic cut of mullet hairstyle is that the hair is cut short in the front and kept long in the back. Usually the hair in the back comes down the collar and the hair on the sides and top is cut short to desirable length.

One can notice soccer star Christiano Ronaldo sport the mullet hairstyle combined with the faux hawk hairstyle known as faux haux-mullet. While the hair is stripped up together on the top, the sides are cut short and the hair on the back is let long covering the nape. Some choose to combine the mullet hairstyles with the razor cut types.

Sean Paul, the reggae musician is seen sporting the cornrows mullet hairstyles while keeping long pleated hair like Bob Marley. The cornrows hairstyle involves braiding of the hair close to the scalp. While the braiding can be maintained on the top, back and sides, one can cut the hair on the sides up to a certain layer to give it a mix of the mullet cut.

Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Getting Jessica Biel Hairstyle, Fall 2010, Winter 2011 Edition

Getting Jessica Biel Hairstyle, Fall 2010, Winter 2011 Edition

Jessica Biel is much privilege to be born with fine hair which often morphs in between its natural brunette hair hues and blonde hues, as well. However, lucky as she is, she has recently confessed her hair’s downfalls, such as being “extremely dry” from all the chemicals used to dye her hair for a specific role.
Jessica Biel's Trendy Hairstyle

For her hairstyles, Jessica Biel prefers straight and sleek hairstyles, slightly parted off-center and be worn in a neat swept back hairstyle. Although she has an oval shaped face, she somehow has a slight hint of square right around her cheek area.
If you are interested in recreating Ms. Biel’s straight hairstyle, you can follow these steps below:
• Wash your hair, shampoo and condition. Try Phyto-products, such as its Hydrating Shampoo. If you have fine hair, you can choose a hair volume enhancing shampoo.
• Towel blot strands. Detangle your mane strands from root to tips.
• Apply a leave-on conditioner, it can be mousse form or gel, apply it evenly and distribute it well. If your hair has tendencies of curling, you can use Control Emulsion Anti Frizz by Rene Furterer.
• Blow dry your hair with a round brush.
• You can make much use of your round brush for straightening your mane. Roll each section with care around your round brush and direct the air flow down from the hair shafts up to the ends.
• Finish up by blasting cool air to seal the style in.
• Comb carefully and put a bit of shine serum to add shine and luster to your ala Jessica Biel’s straight hairstyle.

Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Best Celebrity Hairstyles, Homemade Hair Mask Tips

Best Celebrity Hairstyles, Homemade Hair Mask Tips

A selection of 10 most beautiful women with the best hairstyles was made. And the top results are: Eva Mendes, Miranda Kerr, Cheryl Cole, Penelope Cruz, Jessica Alba, Beyonce, Alesandra Ambrosio, Marisa Miller, Emmanuelle Chriqui, Kate Beckinsale are voted among the stars on survey done among men. They shared their hair secret to make homemade hair mask for a beautiful and healthy hair like theirs.
Kate Beckinsale & Miranda Kerr

This homemade mask aids in rejuvenating the shine of your hair and boost the growth and strength of it. Here is how:

1. Prepare 4 tablespoons of rum or brandy and 1egg. Blend and whip them to achieve a consistency mound and apply thoroughly on hair. About 20-25 minutes wrap it with a warm towel and rinse with tepid water then your hair will shine naturally.
Alesandra Ambrosio & Emmanuelle Chriqui

2. For hair formation enhancement, combine 1 egg, 2 Tbsp Castor oil, 1 tsp of vinegar and 1 tsp of glycerin. Stir regularly while applying on the scalp. Then cover head with warm towel for an hour and rinse it off. Thereafter, hair becomes silky and manageable adding more volume.

3. For hair repair and structure, try integrating 1 tsp of honey, 1 tsp olive oil, 1 tsp shampoo, juice extracted from small onion, mix it all and apply directly on the hair roots for 20-30 minutes. Shampoo and rinse well with boiled water. This mask prevents falling hair, strengthens hair, stop early gray hair occurrence and adds shine to hair. Can be used once every 1 to 1 a half months.

4. Rub aloe juice once a week to the roots of the hair to give shine and boost hair growth.

5. This mask needs heat to be effective. Mix three tbsp of mayonnaise with garlic extract and put on clean towel while under the steam then rinse it off with shampoo.

6. Mix Vitamin D2 in 10 ml oil, bottle of castor oil, tablespoon of lemon juice, honey, onion juice and egg yolk, while the brandy later. Recommended for hair fallouts, have it overnight or up to 12 hours for best result.

Thursday, August 19, 2010

Getting Trendy Asian Hairstyle 2010, 2011

Getting Trendy Asian Hairstyle 2010, 2011

Now coming to Asian women, their hairstyle differs according to their interest. They opt for dark brown or also silver instead of their natural hair color i.e. black. They take utmost care when it comes to their hairstyle. They keep their hair straight as well as wavy and make use of hair products to keep it shiny, straight and silk. There are some Asian women who have short hairstyles and they go for a bob cut to look themselves attractive. Also when it comes to their short style, they are well sophisticated and sleeker. They make use of curly iron or hair straighteners depending on their likings. So, you can go for razor cut to get the chunky look of the Asian people with their hairstyle.

Thursday, August 12, 2010

Fun Hairstyles For Children

Fun Hairstyles For Children

A child likes to look pretty, so they like to have a pretty hairstyle. You can have a lot of fun with your daughter’s hair style. If she has long hair, you can do it up in braids with big bows at the ends. You can wrap the braids around her head for a carefree look. Or you can braid a pretty ribbon along with the braid to give the hair style instant color. Some girls like to get their hair colored. Of course, some don’t so you do have to ask her what she thinks about it. A young girl with light brown hair may enjoy having bright blue or deep red streaks going through it. It’s a fun thing to do. Summer is a good time to do it so that it grows out by the time school starts. Some schools frown on that sort of thing.

A child would look good with sharp spiky hair. She can get her hair cut when you go to get your cut. It is simple to use gel to get a real spiky look. Summer is a good time to let your son get a Mohawk. Again, it will grow out by the time school starts. It gives him a different appearance for a change.

Children often like to blend in with their peers, so it’s a good idea to make sure they will like their new look. But children like to have fun and it’s fun to change your style.

Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Hats and Hairstyles

Hats and Hairstyles

It is often said that if you wear a hat you will have hat hair. Back in the forties, ladies wore hats. But if you notice, they had French twists or short bobs so the hat really didn’t affect the hair style that much. Today if you are going to wear a hat you really have to think about your hair style. There are a lot of good looking hats being sold today. There are also a lot of vintage hats being sold also. So you want to wear one of these great hats. What type of hair style do you choose? Well one solution is to not take off your hat. A man is expected to remove their hat at the table but a woman may leave hers on. So that is one solution.

Another solution if you have long hair is to do your hair in a French twist. You just want to make sure your hat will fit correctly. If you are going to wear a hat, you will attract attention. So you really do want to have it fit correctly. A poor fitting hat just looks bad. You also might consider a braid that you wrap or pin at the top of the head. Again, the hat size does matter.
If you have short hair, then you might expect a ridge where the hat rests at the back of the head. But a quick damp hand through it will bring your hair back to looking good.

Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Quick Guide To A Few Simple Hairstyles 2010

A Quick Guide To A Few Simple Hairstyles 2010

It can be difficult to decide what you want to do with your hair sometimes. This isn't because you don't know how to do hair—but sometimes it can be rather difficult. You can only know so much when it comes to hair. Maybe you're looking for new ways to do your hair, and new ideas to try out. The only problem is actually getting your hair done! How do you do those styles? How hard are they? How long do they take?
Simple Hair 2010

This very quick guide is here to answer your questions about two styles.
The first covered is a style in which your hair is scrunched. This might seem a bit odd, but it's the perfect way to get those “just got out of the ocean” waves that you've been looking for. You need just four things—hair, gel, mousse, and a diffuser.

First, you have to have wet hair, like you're just out of the shower. You can also achieve this effect by using a squirt bottle if your hair isn't wet at the current moment. Do not towel dry like you would normally—this can create frizz which is not part of the hairstyle and will ruin the look. Simply cover it in a towel until it has dried most of the way on its own. You need to squeeze and scrunch it with the towel a few times until large portion of the water is out. Do not rub, however. This can take a while depending on how thick or thin your hair is.

Then take a mousse and place it at the bottom and middle of your scalp. Be very gentle when you rub it in. After this, take a gel, and spread it over your hands and begin to scrunch. Afterward, you simply dry it with a diffuser. And voila. You have scrunched hair.
The second hairstyle is layered ponytails. These are really, really simple and look nice while keeping you cool.

Create a vertical part at the top of your hair. Make sure you have about an inch of hair in your hands and create a ponytail. After that, create another part, directly below that one. Take the tail of the first ponytail and include it in with the second. The tail should be mixed with the second ponytail. Continue this until you get to the bottom of your hair and then just make a large ponytail at the bottom. You can also do this on both sides or one on each side and a third in the middle. It's up to you.
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Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Smoothing Flyaway Hair – The Trouble with Frizz

Smoothing Flyaway Hair – The Trouble with Frizz

Frizzy hair hits us all at some point or another. Whether you have thick, full hair or mousy limp hair, chances are when it rains (or for some of us, when you boil water nearby) your hair is going to frizz and spring up. The bad news is that there just is no way to cure your hair of its frizzy tendencies. The good news is that there are things you can do to calm it down when a frizz attack happens.

First things first – you have to buy the right products to treat your frizzy hair. Smoothing serums, heat-resistant gels and leave-in conditioners dedicated to helping smooth flyaway hair are all great ways to go in the product arena. Try asking your stylist to help you choose some products that will work for you specific hair type. There are also a few “don’ts” to keep in mind about frizzy hair that are important in its maintenance. Unless you use high-priced professional products to prevent it, which most of us don’t, excessive blow drying and straightening with hot materials can cause hair to split and frizz out much worse than usual, so keep these activities to a minimum. Another thing that can increase frizz is a bad haircut. Always make sure you see a stylist who knows what he/she is doing – some stylists can even cut split ends and frizz INTO hair! Finally, it is important to stay hydrated. Keeping enough water in you is the best thing you can do for your hair. It keeps the strands well-hydrated so they don’t frizz, but lie flat.

Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Classic Joan Jett Hairstyle

Classic Joan Jett Hairstyle

Whether you’re an old-school fan of Joan Jett, or you simply appreciate her style as a result of Kristen Stewart’s adaptation of Jett in The Runaways, you are likely to appreciate all of Jett’s rockin’ hairstyles. Joan Jett is a world renowned guitarist who got her start in the all girl rock-band “The Runaways.” Throughout her career, Jett has played a myriad of live shows and written many world famous songs. Jett is also famous for her hard rock style, which includes her jet-black, edgy hairstyle.
If you’re thinking about getting a Joan Jett inspired look, you will want to start by getting a fantastic haircut. Jett’s haircut (as depicted in The Runaways) is short and choppy. This particular hairstyle is shorter in the front and longer in the back. Many might say that this is a hardcore, stylistic version of the traditional mullet.
When getting your hair cut, you will want your stylist to use cutting methods which make your hair piece-y and choppy throughout your entire head. This will allow you to easily wash, dry, and separate the pieces of your hair to give you an awesome spiky look. This will be much easier of your hair is naturally thick, rather than thin hair which may tend to simply fall flat, regardless of your individual cut.
There are many products to choose from when styling your Joan Jett inspired haircut. Some people prefer pomades, and others prefer gel or molding wax. Regardless of your product preference, simply be sure to piece your hair out to make it as edgy as possible.

Thursday, July 8, 2010

Reese Witherspoon Elegant Yet Easy Hairstyle

Reese Witherspoon's Elegant Yet Easy Hairstyle

Reese Witherspoon, a petite and chic Hollywood star has always been credited for her fabulous taste and fashion sense, as well as, having great hair! She can sport a rather simple hair style and still gets away looking chic and glamorous. You can get Reese Witherspoon’s elegant yet easy hair style, and here is how to do it:

Step One: Washing your hair

• To start off, wash your hair with your most favored shampoo and conditioner. Have frizzy hair? No problem, pick out the Sleek Look Shampoo & Conditioner by Matrix, it can help and do wonders to your locks which will look sleek and straight.
Step Two: Choose a good straightener or leave-in conditioner

• Sleek Look Styling Cr√®me by Matrix is a good choice; apply some to your damp hair. It will smoothen out those curls, tame the frizzes and you can easily blow dry your hair straight. There are two versions you can choose upon, extreme is for hair that are thick, curly, frizzy or dry; while lite is for hair that is considerably normal, unruly or dry.
• Just apply an ample amount unto your palm and then work your way thoroughly through your hair, from root to tip.

Step Three: Blow-dry

• With the use of a soft-bristle round brush, while you blow dry your hair, pull it straight.
Step Four: Pull it back

• Loosely pull your hair back with your fingers and secure it with an elastic band.
Step Five: Twist it and secure

• Tightly twist your hair once around the elastic band, underneath the twist place some bobby pins. For the remaining hair, twist it as well, as many times as it will take until there is no more free hair then pin them to where you pinned the very first time. To secure this hair style, use a hairspray to finish off.

Sunday, July 4, 2010

Sarah Jessica Parker Updo Hair

Sarah Jessica Parker Updo Hair

Sarah Jessica Parker is a well-known star who rose to fame with the popular show “Sex and the City.” She is considered a fashion and style diva and many people love to mimic her style. Sarah is a beautiful woman who always looks wonderful and her hairstyles are no exception. She has a long face, and she is able to bring out her best features while playing down her worse ones.
Sarah Jessica Parker Updo

Sarah never fails to impress with her incredibly good taste in style and hairstyles. She wears an incredible updo that is a perfect twist. Her hair is pulled back tightly and sleeked back so that it is perfectly smooth. She pulls her hair into a high ponytail and then separates that into two, then twists the sections around themselves. She pins it to the back of her head with bobby pins and uses hairspray to keep everything in place. This is an elegant look that is perfect when paired with an evening dress.

This look is an easy one to dress up even further with accessories. Add flowers or beads, or even a small necklace of pearls to your hair to bring more dramatic flair. You could match jeweled pins and clips to your necklace or earrings, or even add ribbons if you wanted to. This is an excellent style to wear to the prom, weddings, or any other formal event. It works best with long hair, and the longer the better. Medium-length and shorter hair is nearly impossible to get into a tight, sleek bun like this.
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Friday, July 2, 2010

How To Get Kate Beckinsale Hairstyle

How To Get Kate Beckinsale Hairstyle
Kate Beckinsale has been a fashion icon for quite some time now, and has recently done it again thanks to her charming hair style. Kate Beckinsale has these luscious locks that are continuously desired by women all over the world. Every woman would love to get her charming soft, shiny and touchable hair style, so here are three uncomplicated steps to follow.
Good thing for us, Miss Beckinsale’s charming hairdo is not that complicated to recreate. Here is what you need to do:
Kate Beckinsale Hair
Step 1: Washing your hair
To be able to recreate Kate Beckinsale’s hair style, first things first, wash your hair with a high quality shampoo and hair conditioner.
As soon as you are done washing your hair, carefully towel-dry you tresses. Avoid rubbing your mane vigorously as it can cause frizzy hair, as well as, dull strands.

Step 2: Drying your hair
Pick a curl enhancing cream, such as, Bumble and Bumble styling cream, which is good for holding up the hair style, yet, leaving your hair smooth and soft to touch.
Have straight hair? You can simply leave your hair as it is to dry naturally, or you can use a blow dryer and set it on the lowest setting. Have natural curly strands? Not to worry, all you need to do is simply blow dry your hair, to diffuse your mane until they are about 75% dried up.

Step 3: Curling your hair
As soon as your hair is finally dry, you just need to touch up those unruly strands with the use of a curling iron, about 1 ¼”.
When the curls are in perfect place, carefully and gently pull your hair back just behind your ears, then do a low ponytail. Use a rubber band to keep it in place.
Then spray some hair spray to keep your hair style in place.

Thursday, July 1, 2010

Secrets To Healthy Hair 2010

Secrets to Healthy Hair 2010

If you want to have beautiful, long locks like your favorite celebrity, you should start with keeping your hair health. There are many components that go into having a healthy head of hair. Many people think that their hair is just naturally dry, but this is not necessarily true. By eating healthfully and avoiding exposure to damaging conditions, you can have beautifully hydrated hair which will make everyone take a second glance.

Hydrate! You hair will not be healthy if it is not hydrated. You can keep your hair from drying out by drinking a great deal of water. The daily recommendation is at least 8 glasses per 24 hours. Also, you should stay out of excessive sunlight and avoid extremely hot water. Heating tools such as blow dryers and straitening irons should be used sparingly.

Split Ends! Always get your split ends cut off at least every two months. Even if you are trying to grow your hair out, split ends will make your hair look less healthy.

Sleep Well! Try sleeping on a soft, satin pillowcase. This will help you to avoid getting your hair caught while it rubs against the pillow. This way, you will avoid hair from being pulled out of your head as well as prevent breakage.

Eat Well!
Your diet will reflect how healthy you are. Think of it this way, whatever you put inside your body will show on the outside. Therefore, be sure to take in recommended amounts of vitamins, minerals, and proteins.

Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Ashley Tisdale Beach Hair 2010

Ashley Tisdale Beach Hair 2010
Ashley Tisdale is an actress, singer, and television producer. She found her claim to fame playing Maddie Fitzpatrick in “The Suite Life of Zack & Cody.” She also played in the “High School Musical” series of movies. Ashley started her career in plays and in commercials, where she quickly charmed everyone. She is a well-loved and very popular star, and an excellent role model for young girls. She stays away from drugs and alcohol, and is a great fashion icon for young girls.
Ashley Tisdale

Ashley wears a beautiful long wavy hairstyle that brings to mind sun, sand, and surfing. This fun style brings memories of the beach with it, and it's easy to see why everyone loves the style. Simple to do and yet extremely flattering, Ashley's style has caught on quickly and is seen on many young girls. To get her style you simply need to add texturizing paste to damp hair and then scrunch through the ends as you blow-dry your hair. Another way is to braid damp hair and let it dry, then undo the braid and use your fingers to loosen into the waves that you want. And of course, curling irons and hot rollers can be used to create the waves. Use whatever method works best for you and for your hair. Some people's hair may hold the waves without using any styling products while other people will need to use hair spray, gel, or something else. This is an easy style to dress up. Add accessories such as flowers, jewels, or pretty clips and you will have hair that can easily go from day to night. Even simply changing how you do your bangs can change your style.
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Thursday, June 3, 2010

Long Bridal Hair 2010 Tips

Long Bridal Hair 2010 Tips

A woman's wedding day is one of the most important days of her life. It is important that her hair be as perfect as it possibly can be. Wedding photos will be cherished for many long years, and it is vital that a hairstyle is chosen that won't be dated and make you look old in just three short years. Long hair is a great choice for any bride and long hair styles are sure to make your wedding photos last forever.

Long hair is perfect for women who have fuller faces, because it helps to slenderize the face. You need to find the right texture for your wedding. Curls are always popular for weddings. If you are worried about curls holding during the wedding and the reception, you should not be. If you style your hair right and use lots of hairspray that has a good hold then your curls will stay perfect all through the reception and the wedding. Loose curls and soft waves are the best choices for a wedding.

Sometimes long hair can seem to overwhelm a woman when she's taking a photo. To solve this problem, simply tuck your hair behind your ears. If you have long hair and need volume, or you want to add more fullness to fine hair, have your hair cut in layers. Layers help to lighten your hair and they make it easier to style it. For example, if you are wearing a veil and need to be able to have your hair behind your ears, layers can make it easier for you to do that. If you're going to wear a tiara, backcombing the crown of your hair will make a good spot for the tiara and veil, and they will stay put easily.

Monday, May 31, 2010

Medium-Length Hairstyles for Different Faces

Medium-Length Hairstyles for Different Faces - Summer Fall 2010 Edition

Medium-length hairstyles are some of the most flattering hairstyles around. They are also some of the most popular. They have all the appeal and femininity of long hairstyles, but they are as easy to maintain and style as short hairstyles. There are hundreds of ways to wear a medium-length hairstyle. But if you want to find the very best hairstyle for you, then you need to wear something that is suitable for your facial shape. If you don't know what your face shape is, pull your hair back and use a pencil liner or an old lipstick and draw the outline of your face as it is reflected in the mirror.

If you have a square face, then you need to soften the strong jaw line. For square faces, wear lots of layers and avoid styles that are all one length. You should also avoid blunt cut bangs and go for rounded cuts. Layers that start at the jawline are ideal. A long or oblong face needs to widen the face but minimize the length. Wearing curly or wavy styles are ideal and bangs will help make your face appear shorter. If you don't like to wear bangs, then shift your part to the side in order to make your face wider but avoid a middle parting.

A round face needs to have the outline broken up. Show off your forehead to make your face appear longer and tuck hair behind the ears. Layers around the face make you seem rounder. Long layers help lengthen the face, but avoid curls since they make you look wider. If you have a heart shaped face you want to make your face longer and wider around the chin. Go for height and volume. A long, sweeping bang and layers below the chin are good ideas. Those who have oval faces can wear nearly any style. Sharper lines, asymmetrical shapes, and lots of layers will look great with an oval face but wear your hair away from your face so people see you.

Friday, May 28, 2010

How to Cure Dandruff

How to Cure Dandruff

It seems as though it is pretty pointless to get a cute haircut and spend time styling your hair when you have a dandruff problem. Dandruff is caused by excessive oiliness of the scalp, and can become increasingly serious. Many of us will notice the appearance of dandruff when we experience a change in the weather, or during any occurrence which makes our skin oilier.
If you want to prevent dandruff, you can do so by ingesting more essentially fatty acids such as nuts and oils. Additionally, staying hydrated by drinking lots of water in conjunction with eating health vegetables and fruits will also prevent the onset of dandruff.

If your dandruff problem is very severe, you may want to try out the following remedies:

1. Avoid dry weather and excessive showering in hot water.

2. You don’t want to leave a hat or pony tail on your head all day. This will lead to excessive buildup of oil on the scalp and will cause it to get itchy.

3. Use a shampoo made for sensitive skin, and always use conditioner. You may even want to consider a leave-in conditioner or oil to cure an excessively dry scalp.
We all know that dandruff can be both annoying and unsightly. The good news is that dandruff is 100 percent treatable. By following these simple remedies, you can avoid dandruff and rock that edgy, new haircut you’ve always wanted. You can also begin to wear dark shirts again without worrying about the visible white flakes showering your shoulders.

Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Ashley Greene Twilight Hair

Ashley Greene “Twilight” Hairstyle

Ashley Greene is an American TV and movie actress. She started off as a model, but discovered that she much preferred acting when she starred in some television commercials. She has appeared in such popular television shows as “Punk'd” and “Crossing Jordan” but her biggest claim to fame is as Alice Cullen on the hit movie series “Twilight.” Since she played in “Twilight” she has received several more roles for movies that are sure to be big hits.
Ashley Greene With Short Bob Hair & Long Wavy Hair

This beautiful young star is a great fashion icon. She always looks beautiful, and she has an excellent sense of style. Ashley is a good fashion role model for young women to follow. She easily adapts to her roles, while always maintaining a sense of style that is all her own. For her role in the movie series, “Twilight” Ashley wore her hair medium-length and shaggy. She has lots of layers in her hair, and her bangs are cut short with a razor, which adds a lot of texture to her hair. Her hair flares out around the sides and this is actually accomplished with pomade. The pomade is used to build texture and then the hair is ruffled and the ends flicked out.
Ashley Greene Long Hairstyle

This style looks good on almost anyone so if you want to make Alice Cullen's style your own you can easily do so. The style will probably not work very well on long hair, but medium and short hair will work fine. To get this style, you really should go to a professional stylist because razors can damage your hair if not used correctly and a stylist can show you how to properly use pomade and how to style your hair. Have your hair cut in lots of layers and your bangs razored short, then use pomade to flip the ends out just like from the “Twilight” movies.

Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Side Bun Hairstyles for Prom

Side Bun Hairstyles for Prom 2010

Prom is one of the most important days of a teen girl's life. Many teenagers spend days or even weeks looking for the best dress, shoes, bag, makeup, and hairstyle for their prom. There are lots of styles to choose from, and one of the best styles is the side bun. This unique style is appropriate for any event and can be styled to look more retro or modern. The side bun is an elegant and classy style that can be created using straight, wavy, or curly hair no matter what length the hair is.

On short hairstyles the side bun is actually a faux bun but it still looks gorgeous on sleek straight hair with either side swept or straight bangs. It also looks good on curly hair. Make sure that you comb and gather the hair on one side of the head around the nape of the neck, pin it close the scalp to make a faux messy bun and use extra hold hair spray. For longer hair, pull into a side ponytail and then part it in two. Twist the sections around and pin in place with bobby pins. Bangs can be worn as you normally do or use hair gel to comb them sideways close to your scalp.

Use accessories or hair jewelry to add more glamor to you look. It won't take long to make this style of hair, and you can use some shine spray and smoothing serum to keep your hair smooth and shiny. Many celebrities such as Selena Gomez and Audrina Patridge wear side buns and these are good celebrities to look to for ideas about how to wear your hair.

Saturday, May 22, 2010

Hilary Duff Trendy Hairstyles

Hilary Duff Trendy Hairstyles

Hilary Duff is a popular American actress and singer. She has been in local theater plays, in television commercials, and has been in the hit television series, Lizzie McGuire. She has also been in several feature films, such as “A Cinderella Story” and “Cheaper by the Dozen”. This popular star also has several albums that have reached platinum status and over thirteen million records sold worldwide. Loved by everyone, Hilary is a fashion icon for many young girls who look to her to help them with decisions on everything from fashion to hairstyles.
Hilary Duff Updo Hair
Hilary Duff has many different hairstyles and one of the most flattering ones is a half updo that has waves. This style is very complimentary and would look on anyone, though some girls might need to have a little bit of an adjustment.
Hilary Duff 2010 Wavy Hairstyle

Hilary has loose waves throughout her hair, which is layered and well conditioned. The crown is teased to create more volume and and then the top section is pulled back and secured with an elastic. A paddle brush is used to smooth the hair. This style is excellent for girls who look good without bangs.
Hilary Duff Long Wavy Hair

If you like this updo, it's very easy to do. First, wash your hair and make sure to condition. Roll your hair – after drying – in large rollers or a large barreled curling iron and loosen the curls. Use your fingers to pull the curls loose so that you create large waves. Now, simply tease the top part of your hair and pull it back. Secure with an elastic and add anything you want, such as a pretty barrette or clip. Use a paddle brush to smooth your hair down and add hairspray or smoothing serum as needed to keep control of frizz.