Sunday, June 29, 2008

Haircut Styles: Nicole Richie Blonde Hair

Haircut Styles presents Nicole Richie Blonde Hair
The orange brassy color of Nicole Richie’s hair is one that will be remembered by many a fan and onlooker. The part that seems to be adjusted to the left in all her pictures is common to many of her exquisite hairstyles. These styles have not been few in the years she has graced the media as celebrity. She has been seen with styles such as waves, wings, braids, and the ever popular ponytail. The styles she chooses today are more sexy and alluring but keep with the trends in hairstyles. Thank goodness the extensions are not part of her hair routine anymore.
Nicole Richie Hairstyle

© Janet Mayer / PR Photos
Since Nicole Richie has taken her leave of Paris Hilton, the changes that have come because of it are amazing. Weight has disappeared as did the hair extensions she cherished. Now with the birth of her daughter, Nicole Richie’s hairstyles might be getting even simpler to go along with her new role as mom. Her hair still shows a softer romantic side.
Nicole Richie Blonde Hair

© J. Bailey / PR Photos
The mature short styles are the best she has chosen for herself in many years. Maybe it is time for her to do a lot more grown up things including how she styles her hair.
Nicole Richie Wavy Hairstyle
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Monday, June 23, 2008

Haircut Styles: Rihanna Hair

Haircut Styles presents Rihanna Bob Hairstyle
Rihanna is a great singer, stylist and has hairstyles that would suit each and every occasion. She has sported a number of hairstyles from super straight, to wavy and even curly. She is also known to style her own hair. The hairstyle that she wears make her look chic and sassy and at the same time glamorous.
Rihanna Bob Hairstyle

© Pixplanete / PR Photos
Her recent razored look has been the talk of the town. This razor hairstyle was graduated and has textured; layers. They are cut like razor edge. This hairstyle is a must for those who want to give an extra edge to their hairstyles. This hairstyle doesn’t require much maintenance and would only require 20 minutes to be done at a salon.
Rihanna Pixie Cut

© Janet Mayer / PR Photos
Rihanna has also been seen sporting a straight short bob hairstyle. The look can be achieved by graduating the back and blending the sides and the top of the hair. This gives a soft look to the face. Bangs can be swept on the face to give it a modern look. But the hairstyle is quite high maintenance. Those who have naturally curly hair should straighten their hair. Gel is required to set the hair in place. A lot of blow drying would be required with a long brush to create the round look.

Thursday, June 19, 2008

Haircut Styles: Katie Holmes Hairstyle

Haircut Styles presents Katie Holmes Hairstyle
Katie Holmes has got a short bob just like her friend Victoria Beckham, but it’s not as zany as her. In fact it’s really soft and gives a really feminine look. Katie Homes has sported long and curvy hair before her marriage. In fact she could be seen in some really girlie hairstyles. But post marriage to Tom Cruise, her taste in clothes and her hairstyles have matured a lot.
Katie Holmes Bob Hairstyle

Now she can be spotted in more mature dresses. She wears less of casual clothes. In fact she is often seen escorted by Tom Cruise at most places. She has been looking really hip and happening. She has also started looking much older than she really is. This may be borne of her desire to match her husband’s age.
Earlier she has been seen in a medium short wavy hair with fringes in the front for many awards night. For the Oscars she was seen in a formal hairstyle, that she pinned back, giving her a leek diva like look. But her hairstyles when she got engaged to Tom Cruise are long. In fact she has more than shoulder length hair which is all wavy and kisses her faces and back. She looks really captivating and she must surely have captivated Tom Cruise too.

Monday, June 16, 2008

Haircut Styles: How To Make Bob Hairstyle

Haircut Styles Summer 2008 presents How To Make Bob Hairstyle
The in thing for female celebrities this season is the bob. There is no uniform way to wear it and each woman is putting their own special spin on the hairstyle. There are some who prefer the even look but other are having it razor cut for a funky look. For those who prefer a bob style for their hair, make sure it is not one of the styles where you have one length and bangs. Get rid of the uniform idea and try something new. Layers and different lengths will give a more personal attitude to your style and take the boring and drab out.
Bob Hairstyle

Never be afraid to try new colors when wearing a bob hairstyle. The best thing is to add highlights around the face to give a feminine, romantic appearance. If you are really in the mood for a change, try different colors for the top and bottom of the hair. Try a light color such as blonde on the top and a brown or black on the bottom for a very dramatic look. Let the hair fall naturally and try not to use too many hair care products. The celebrity hairstyles never appear greasy or loaded down with products but flow and fall naturally even when odd angles appear throughout the hairstyle.

Friday, June 13, 2008

Haircut Styles: Hairstyles For Round Faces – Tips

Haircut Styles presents Hairstyles For Round Faces – Tips
If you are sure you have a round face then it needs to be taken into consideration when you choose a suitable hairstyle to wear. Round faces seem to do better with short hair but it is the volume that adds the best dimensions. If you have a plump face, going too short with your hairstyle will give you the appearance of having a larger face than you do.
Hairstyle For Round Face

It is important to add layers to the short cuts and a part on one side or the other to make the face appear longer.
Hairstyle For Round Face

If you prefer long hair, it is best with jagged edges and highlights to give a slimming effect to the face. Long hair is actually the best choice for those with round facial features as it does give the face a long slim appeal. Volume is not recommended with long hair as it is with the short styles as sleekness will frame a round face and give it more definition and softness to the sides. Medium hair bobs, and bangs are a definite no-no and should be avoided at all costs. For round face shapes it either long or short but not anything in-between the two.
Hairstyle For Round Face

Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Haircut Styles: Bridesmaid Hair – Tips

Haircut Styles Summer 2008 presents Bridesmaid Hair – Tips
Before the wedding begins, the hairstyles for the bridesmaids will need to be discussed. Each one will have a different head of hair and will have personal hair care needs that will have to be attended to. If properly planned before the wedding day, the stress level will drop dramatically as everything is in place. If you are the bride, you may want all the girls to look the same or you may want a different look from each individual bridesmaid.
Bridesmaid Hairstyle

Make up your mind early so it all can be planned and accounted for. Each girl will also have a different facial shape that may not go well with the hairstyle chosen for the special day. Try to find a uniform hairstyle that seems to suit one and all. The hardest part of bridesmaid hairstyles is the fact that each will have their own special hair type. One may have board straight hair and the other have a head full of curls. Straight hair may not be curled as easily as curly hair may not straighten well. There are too many choices for it not to be perfect when the time comes. Take the extra time to plan and everything will fall into place.
Bridesmaid Hairstyle

Tuesday, June 3, 2008

Modern Bob Hairstyle for Summer 2008

Haircut Styles presents Modern Bob Hairstyle for Summer 2008

Check this amazing video where Nick Berardi the ex. New York Creative Director of Vidal Sassoon shows us how to cut modern bob hairstyle for summer 2008. Enjoy this great video, you'll also notice that Asian girls are simply made to wear bob hairstyle, they look so cute!