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Cute Spring Hairstyles 2009

Spring 2009 Cute Hairstyles

Spring is coming at long last and it is time to take along, hard look in the mirror and see if there are a few things that you can change. It is the season of new beginnings and what better way to kick it all off than with a new cute spring hairstyle to knock spots off the style that you have been wearing all winter.

Spring 2009 Hair Ideas

If you have long hair and are looking for cute spring hairstyles then you should look at the idea of plaits. These can be worn simply and with one or two in whichever style that you like or woven around the head to look like a head band, something that some of the well known celebrities have done in the past. This look can also be achieved by short hair with the help of hair extensions or pieces already in the shape of a plait and looks cute on most people.

Spring 2009 Hair Ideas

Another look that you could go for this spring is a simple pony tail but one that has been backcombed ever so slightly to add a little bit of volume and also use tendrils of your own hair to wind around the base of the tail to conceal the band and to look more natural. This is a perfect look for a day at the park with the kids or even for a romantic date and the look can be made more dressy with a corsage in the hair.

Pictures By Stefie Jones

Friday, March 27, 2009

Emo Hair Styling Tips For Emo Girls

Emo hairstyles are an increasingly popular trend among young people. They are a means of self-expression through personal appearance. However, achieving the perfect emo ‘do can sometimes be a struggle. Thankfully, there are some great tips to help you achieve the unique look you want.
Emo Hair Styling Tips

Since emo hairstyles are always straight, you will want to enlist some tools to help you get the sleekest texture. A flat iron is your best bet for a straight emo style. However, if you plan to use a heat-styling tool frequently, you will want to put a heat protective spray or cream on first.

Emo Hair Styling Tips

This keeps your hair from being completely fried, which is especially important for emo styles where hair has already been dyed and can be fragile. Also, once your hair is straight you will probably want to use a product to create a purposefully messy look.

Emo Hair Styling Tips

Your best options are to choose a firm holding gel or wax and simply tousle it through your locks. Stronger products help keep your style strong all day and prevent a lame, limp style from resulting. Be careful, though, to avoid products that make hair become hard. These end up looking gross after hours of wear.

Emo Hair Styling Tips

Emo Schoool Boys

Emo Schoool Boys

Emo Hair Tips For Styling Multi Colored Emo Hair

Emo Hairstyles are becoming more and more popular in 2008 and nowadays we’re seeing more and more boys and girls that wear emo hair. Maybe you’re one of those who would like to sport trendy emo but simply don’t know what kind of emo hair to wear (short, long or medium) and what kind of color to have (black or some more lively colors such as blond, red or pink emo hair)

You really shouldn’t be afraid to try something new, for the start you could go with some “easy to make” emo hair and after that you can build on your true emo hairstyle.

Do it step by step to achieve the desired emo look, but don’t forget to dress properly, because being emo is the way of life and life and fashion go hand in hand!

Another great and very trendy Emo hairstyle for Boys

Cute Emo Boy

Unique Cool Emo Hairstyles For Girls

Emo haircuts are very distinctive with asymmetrical styles, jet-black hair with some unique and colorful bold highlights

Characteristic of the Emo hairstyle:

The prime characteristic for an Emo hairstyle is length. The women Emo hairstyles are generally very short whereas there are various other kinds that are a bit long. On the other hand, the men’s Emo hairstyles are quite long for the guys, usually a bit longer then ear length.

Nice Emo Hairstyle

Majority of the individuals who wear Emo hairstyles often dyes their hair. Black Emo hairstyles are particularly common, while pink, blonde, or red Emo hairstyles are also quite in fashion. Any rainbow color usually works great.

Emo Hairstyle

The best feature of Emo hairstyle include highlights. The highlights could be of any rainbow color but red, blue, blonde and pink are among the common ones. The highlights are often very thick in the Emo hairstyles.

Emo Girls

Emo hairstyles unusually integrates the side swept bangs with sharp cuts.

True Emo Hair

Girl Emo Hairstyles 2008 Summer

Gallery full of pictures of emo girls hairstyles. Great place to get ideas for your new hair cut

Girl emo hairstyles
Girl Emo Hairstyles 2008 Summer
Girl emo hairstyles
Girl emo hairstyles 2008 Summer!
Girl emo hairstyles
Girl Emo Hairstyles 2008 Summer
Girl emo hairstyles
Girl Emo Hairstyles 2008 Summer
Girl emo hairstyles
Girl white emo hairstyles

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Katherine Heigl Bee-hive Hairstyles 2009

Katherine Heigl is looking classy with her black Dolce & Gabbana pantsuit. Her bee-hive hairstyle though a little bit dull, she should try something more fun and chic.

katherine heig hairstyle at people choice awards 2009

katherine heig hairstyle at people choice awards 2009

Short Hairstyles With Side Bangs

Short hair with bangs is a famous hairstyle, fun to both create and to observe! However, bangs can be a drawback on some short cuts. It all depends on the coverage that the bangs provide. Short hairdos can be very cute on a woman if they match the basic requirements of her bone structure, skin type and hair texture.

There is no absolute law says that short hairstyles will work for everyone, but short hairdos do have the advantage of revealing facial features, and as a rule a woman has more delicate features than a man.

This delicacy, brought to the fore by the short hair around it, is the source of the charm and cuteness of this look. You do not want to cover the forehead, brows, or eyes if they are the most attractive part of your face. Heavy or long bangs will do just this. Think carefully about what will happen to your features behind your bangs. Fortunately, if you don’t want to hide your eyes but you just have to have bangs, there are many ways to manipulate this part of your hairdo.

Bangs can be layered very effectively. They can also be tapered and draw to the side by a good stylist. Like every other element of a good hairstyle, bangs can be shortened in a variety of lengths. The gracefully shaped forehead is the most difficult facial feature to keep visible even under bangs, so if you have a lovely forehead, consider dropping the style.

Short Trendy Haircuts Pictures for Spring 2009

Trendy need not be curly or long or even layered; trendy can be short, simple and even charming. Trendy is fashion and trendy are your clothes, but do you have a trendy short hairstyle to match? Right from evening wear to skimpy swim suits, there is a trendy short hairstyle to suit all occasions.

Since celebrities are a measuring scale for most of use, look at them today. A very high percentage of models and actresses today flaunt trendy short hairstyles, be it Charlize Theron, Kate Moss or Rihanna, take a look at how they have highlighted their facial features by making use of a variety of trendy short hairstyles.

Short trendy hairstyles are very versatile and can be made to combine with a variety of looks. You can play around with bangs, curls and even do some cuie tie-backs. A good place to begin would be the Charlize Theron style, which is trendy yet not so short. That will give you a leeway to play around some before you can really settle on a suitable and matching cut form the trendy short hairstyles available today.

Talking about summers, it is the right time to get your trendy short hairstyle since the shorter hair can increase your comfort levels as well as give you ample time to play around with it during the vacations. If you think that it does not suit, you can always grow it back before summer disappears.

One thing to keep in mind here is to explore the latest in trendy short hairstyles and find out which suits you best before getting your hair under the scissors.

Super Short Haircuts for Round Faces

Super short haircuts 2009 for round faces
Spring Short HairStyle 2009
Super short hairstyles pictures for 2009
short hair by .Nicole takes pictures..

Rihanna Short Haircut Styles Pictures Gallery

Rihanna short boyish cut hairstyles
If you are looking to recreate Rihannas recent look in your bedroom, you would not be alone and with more and more people asking their hairdressers “How to get Rihannas haircut?” It’s time for a little investigating!

Rihannas sexy bob Hairstyle

The sexy bob that is angled to one side that is shorted at the back and longer at the front actually needs a lot more work than originally thought. It can be cut to be an even length bob on both sides and then arrange so that it appears asymmetrical but the best thing to do is have it cut like this if you want the full on Rihanna effect.

Rihannas short Hairstyle

Chemical relaxers are normally used with hair that isn’t already dead straight and this is best achieved in the hairdressers to reduce the risk of burnt scalps. Once this is completed, straightening the hair is necessary to give it that poker straight look that has become reminiscent of the young singers hairstyle. The hair is then cut while it is straight to give the best results.

Rihannas medium short HaircutKeeping the Rihanna hairstyle once you have left the salon will need a lot of maintenance. The hair will need to be kept in the best condition that it can and if you have black hair, specific conditioners and shampoos will be needed to give it that shine that Rihannas hair always has. Styling products are a must have but not ones that will leave your hair greasy and these will need to be applied after they have been straightened to give the best effect. Once complete and maintained, you too could have the official Rihanna hairstyle!

Short Hairstyles Pictures for 2009 Spring Summer Season

This time I'll present some great Short Hair Ideas for upcoming Spring and Summer months of 2009. Enjoy this great Short Hairstyles Photos.

Short Hairstyles Pictures for 2009 Spring Summer Season

Short Hairstyles for 2009 Spring Summer Season

Short Haircuts 2009 Spring Summer Season

Short Hairstyles Pictures for 2009 Spring Summer Season

Pictures : Stefie Jones