Sunday, November 29, 2009

Asian Hairstyles For Women 2010

Asian Hairstyles For Women 2010

Asian women are blessed with naturally smooth, sleek, straight hair. Their styles often reflect this and they always look good. All lengths of hairstyles look great on Asian women. Many of their styles look extremely good on round faces but all face shapes can take advantage of Asian styles.
2010 Asian Hair Idea

A beautiful Asian style is to have your long hair cut into three lengths; this is best with straight hair. Keep most of your hair long. For your side bangs, cut them to just below your chin. This allows them to frame your face beautifully. For your bangs, cut them above your eyes. You can either keep them straight or you can sweep them to the side. To change up this look, vary the way your hair is parted. Try curling the ends for another pretty change. It’s a great look for 2009.
2010Asian Ponytail Hair

Layers are great for Asian hairstyles. Layers can be used in long or short styles and are great for the addition of volume, highlights and textures. For long hair, cut in layers and part it on the side. It will give you an incredible look. For short hair such as bobs, layering will add a lot of personality to your look and make you look fun and chic.
2010 Asian Wavy, Layered Hairstyle

Layers are also great for medium length hair, giving lots of style possibilities and character to otherwise dull hair. Try curling different layers for a new look. Pinning part of your hair back with a pretty clip can really turn heads. Layers are all the rage in 2009 no matter what length your hair is.

Thursday, November 26, 2009

Lauren Conrad Trendy Hairstyles 2009, 2010

Lauren Conrad Trendy Hairstyles 2009, 2010

Lauren Conrad has such great fashion sense for choosing attractive hairstyles before they become wildly popular that many women are wondering how to duplicate her look and her style.
One of the things that women admire about LC is her flair for obtaining perfect golden highlights in just the right places of her fabulous hair.
Lauren Conrad Lovely Wavy Hair

These highlights are done so well that most people think that this is her natural hair color. But every beautiful hairstyle has its secrets and any woman can easily learn how to duplicate Lauren Conrad’s hair styling techniques.
LC's Hair Always Looks Perfect

First thing to know is that Lauren Conrad’s look is often call the “blond-brunette” look this is a formula brings together the best of the world of brunette and blonde hair coloring techniques. In essence you start with medium or dark brown hair and then have the stylist use thin golden highlighting streaks throughout to achieve this signature look.
Lauren Conrad Long Trendy Hair

Hair color and highlighting is part of the success to Lauren Conrad’s hairstyle, but not the whole story. The hair cut is just as important and you have to decide which one will work best for your face shape, even better consult a professional hair stylist before you make your choice.
Lauren Conrad Hair

Lauren Conrad looks great in waves, because she makes them look natural with lots of volume but ultra sleek. If you have medium-long straight hair, you can duplicate any of her great looks, like the classic haircut with side-swept bangs or maybe use the romantic layered curls and waves hairstyle.

Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Rihanna - Hairstyles Trendsetter

Rihanna - Hairstyles Trendsetter, Sexy Yet Stylish!

Rihanna is a young R&B singer that has sent the fashion world on its ear with her funky hairstyles. Many of her sensational styles are closely related to the themes of her songs which range from soulful to controversial.
Rihanna's Hair

But the secret of this young beauty’s success with hairstyles is her willingness to experiment with different hair lengths and hair colors. Combining this with expert cuts and styling techniques, she manages to minimize her narrow forehead and accent the beautiful contour of her face.
Rihanna, Hair Trendsetter!

Rihanna is known for her hip, edgy look that have turned heads on the red carpet and sent her fans into a rave at her concerts. She is one of the few celebrities that incorporate her hairstyle as part of her total fashion statement, adding complementing colors from her wardrobe into her hair.
Rihanna's Hair with Bangs

For the most part Rihanna wears short hairstyles that are especially wonderful for women with an oval or heart shape face. These styles really bring out the cheekbones and focus attention on the eyes. The hairstyles that Rihanna wears are bold and classy, designed to make her the center of attention.
Rihanna's Latest Hair Color

For the brave women who choose these short haircuts there is no question that you will be noticed. Depending on the hairstyle you choose, you will have the opportunity to bask in the spotlight for your daring style or customize the look and make it completely your own. Rihanna has become a fashion icon for many women and a source of inspiration for unique style.

Sunday, November 22, 2009

Sophia Bush Hairstyles 2009, 2010

Sophia Bush Hairstyles 2009, 2010 Edition

Sophia Bush is a beautiful actress who lately was on “One Tree Hill.” She has a round face and her hairstyles can be worn by just about anyone. Sophia always looks cute and if you want to as well, simply copy one of her styles. Her hairstyles are always easy to do and maintain.
Sophia Bush Hair

If your hair is shoulder-length or a little shorter, try this style. Curl you hair in big, loose ringlets. Part it on the side and tuck your hair back behind one ear. Sweep your bangs off your face and let them hang on the side. This cute and sassy look can be adapted for day or night. This style is especially good for those with round faces and is really easy to maintain. All you need is some mousse and hairspray and to scrunch your hair to keep the curls. It’s easy enough that would probably take you only about 10 minutes to do.
Sophia Bush Hairstyle

If your hair is medium-length, here is a Sophia Bush style for you. Keep your hair all one length, even your bangs. Add some waves, part your hair on the side, and sweep your bangs to the side of your face. This style is great for round or heart-shaped faces and easy to maintain – you just need some mousse to keep your hair inline.
Sophia Bush Updo Hairstyle

It’s another style that will take about ten minutes to have ready to go out the door and with the right accessories, this style can easily transition from the office to a romantic dinner out.

Friday, November 20, 2009

How To Get Lady GaGa Hairstyle 2010

How To Get Lady GaGa Hairstyle 2010

Lady Gaga has caused a real fashion sensation by using her hair as an accessory, styling it as a bow sitting gracefully on top of her head. Here’s how to do it:
Lady GaGa Hairstyle

Start by using a frizz control shampoo and moisturizing conditioner. Rinse your hair thoroughly and towel dry, then apply a dab of shine serum to your hair to smooth the hair and reduce drying time.
Lady GaGa Hair

Using a boar bristle paddle brush, begin blow drying the hair straight in sections. Point the nozzle of the blow dryer downward from the roots to the ends to control frizz and give you a sleek finish. Save the front section of your hair and the bang area for last. If you have very curly, thick or coarse hair, use a wide flatiron after your hair is completely dry to get a pin-straight look.
Arrange your bangs to lay flat across your forehead. Separate the longer sections at the side of your hair from the longest sections at the crown. Fold this section into two side ovals of equal size just as if you would to tie shoelaces. Separate a ½ section of hair from the middle of your forehead, just above the center of your bang area for the middle part of the bow later.
Lady GaGa Latest Hairstyle

Secure the two hair circles with ponytail holders, and shape each of these into a natural bow shape with your fingers and spray generously with a firm hold hairspray. When the spray has completely dried, bring the middle piece over the two hair ovals to create the center of the bow. Use bobby pins to secure the bow tightly at the back of the head and presto-you have created the Lady GaGa hair bow!

Carrie Underwood's Hairstyle Color

Carrie Underwood's Hairstyle Color 2010

Carrie Underwood's long wavy blonde hair gets a lot of rave reviews. If you want to dye your hair the same shade of blonde as Carrie Underwood, be sure to take a clear picture of her with you to your stylist so they match the color you exactly. On the other hand, you could also go for the style of Carrie Underwood's hair together with the color to recreate this fantastic look. You will also need to ask your stylist to use long layers to add texture and movement to your hair.
To achieve this look perfectly, your hair needs to be dense, medium thick long hair is the best for this style. For women with thin or short hair, your stylist will need to use hair extensions to add length and volume.
Carrie Underwood's Long Wavy Blonde Hair

If you are looking for a quick and easy look, this is not it; you will need at least 30 minutes to get the best results. After the coloring process, your stylist should apply a straightening balm to your hair while it’s damp, then blow dry your hair with a large round brush, curling the hair under with the brush as you dry it. Your stylist should use a medium curling iron to add the curls to your middle layers and ends of your hair, keeping the top part of your hair smooth. Curl 2 inch sections of hair at a time. Finish off the style by using a smoothing shine to polish the look.

Thursday, November 19, 2009

Why Are 2010 Celebrity Hairstyles So Popular

Why Are Celebrity Hairstyles So Popular - 2010 Hairstyles Edition

Celebrities fascinate us. We imagine what it must be like to have all their fame and fortune, enjoy watching them on TV and in movies, and live our lives a little through them. Celebrities are always the first to try new and trendy styles. Sometimes they even start them. We look to celebrities for help in what to wear for the most current fashion, and for help in how to cut our hair so that we stay in style.
Rihanna's Celebrity Hair

We enjoy looking at other people’s lives; it helps distract us a bit from our own troubles. Celebrities are always glamorous and when we look at them, we see what we would like to be. When they wear something we think is awful, we feel no remorse in criticizing them – even though it would probably break our hearts to hear someone say the same things about us. With celebrity haircuts, we either love them or hate them. When we hate them, we are quick to judge.
Jamie King Is Famous For Wearing Her Hair Short

And when we love them, we are quick to head for the nearest stylist with pictures of our favorite celebrities and requests to look just like them. We spend hours looking for how-to articles on the Internet to emulate our favorite stars.
Ciara, Always Elegant ans Sexy Hair

Some of the most emulated celebrities are Rhianna, Jennifer Aniston, Halle Berry, Angelina Jolie, Brad Pitt, and Michelle Obama. We often rush to get their hairstyles and if imitation is the best form of flattery, then these stars are very well loved. Many new celebrity haircuts are thankfully very versatile and can be adapted to suit anyone, no matter their face shape or size. Without the stars, we would never know what was fabulous.