Thursday, December 16, 2010

Straightening Your Hair, Using Chemicals

Straightening Your Hair, Using Chemicals

There's a theory that women with straight hair want curly hair and women with curly hair want hair that is straight. In many cases, this is true! Straight hair can be a real big pain in the butt to try and play with and curly hair can be a pain to brush. However, one nearly always foolproof method is chemicals.

The only problem with chemicals is that they can cause your hair to become damaged or they can carry toxins that aren't particularly good for you to breathe in. But if you really want straight hair, the question that you might be asking yourself is—what should I do about this?

Well, simply decide how you would like to have your hair straightened! True, there's always the flat iron option, but most people don't realize that a flat iron doesn't last long and most of us don't have the money to buy a flat iron that's going to break in six months or just doesn't work on our hair—we want results! And so, here are a few result getters:

Brazillion blowout. This is a newer means of straightening your hair in a salon. It is not particularly cheap, but it can last a few good days, depending on how often that you wash your hair. On one hand, it also has been in the news a lot recently because of its formahdehyde content. It's fairly simple—they put a chemical in your hair and then flat iron it. It gets your hair glossy smooth, but not for long

Japanese treatment. This lasts up to six months but it can cost several hundreds of dollars. It's mainly a matter of just how desperate you are to have your hair straightened.

Then there's the good old, cheap hair-frying relaxer. You can do it at home and you can do it in a shop—it's entirely up to you. These only last a few months (depending on the person), but they also don't cost and arm, leg, and ear.

Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Keeping It Professional in the Office, Hair Tips 2011

Keeping It Professional in the Office, Hair Tips 2011

Let's face it—keeping it professional in the office is a really big deal, even when it comes to hair. So the question is—what kind of hairstyles help you to look cute and sophisticated at the exact same time?

Well, for one, the french braid definitely fits the bill. This is a braid that interconnects several pieces of hair together. It may not seem like much at first, but what you may not realize is that when you put your hair up in this hairstyles, you not only pull your hair back, but you also give yourself a very professional air. Maybe it's because it's normally a very tight braid or perhaps because of the amount of time (which is a few minutes longer than most hairstyles) that it takes in order to perfect the hairstyle.

Next is the regular old bun. However, a scraggly scrunchie isn't likely to help your professional image. Your best bet is to pull out your good old bobby pins and put them in for a spin—quite literally. Using bobby pins makes your bun not only immaculately neat, but also makes it look very very chic. You can pair it with a thin headband to add a little bit of pizzazz to the hairstyle.

Last is your good old ponytail. You can't go wrong with a pony! This is a very simple hairstyle that almost anyone can pull off and also helps you to stay sleek and clean cut during office hours. Plus, it's really, really easy to fix a ponytail. No hairbrush required!
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