Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Ashley Greene Twilight Hair

Ashley Greene “Twilight” Hairstyle

Ashley Greene is an American TV and movie actress. She started off as a model, but discovered that she much preferred acting when she starred in some television commercials. She has appeared in such popular television shows as “Punk'd” and “Crossing Jordan” but her biggest claim to fame is as Alice Cullen on the hit movie series “Twilight.” Since she played in “Twilight” she has received several more roles for movies that are sure to be big hits.
Ashley Greene With Short Bob Hair & Long Wavy Hair

This beautiful young star is a great fashion icon. She always looks beautiful, and she has an excellent sense of style. Ashley is a good fashion role model for young women to follow. She easily adapts to her roles, while always maintaining a sense of style that is all her own. For her role in the movie series, “Twilight” Ashley wore her hair medium-length and shaggy. She has lots of layers in her hair, and her bangs are cut short with a razor, which adds a lot of texture to her hair. Her hair flares out around the sides and this is actually accomplished with pomade. The pomade is used to build texture and then the hair is ruffled and the ends flicked out.
Ashley Greene Long Hairstyle

This style looks good on almost anyone so if you want to make Alice Cullen's style your own you can easily do so. The style will probably not work very well on long hair, but medium and short hair will work fine. To get this style, you really should go to a professional stylist because razors can damage your hair if not used correctly and a stylist can show you how to properly use pomade and how to style your hair. Have your hair cut in lots of layers and your bangs razored short, then use pomade to flip the ends out just like from the “Twilight” movies.