Thursday, July 1, 2010

Secrets To Healthy Hair 2010

Secrets to Healthy Hair 2010

If you want to have beautiful, long locks like your favorite celebrity, you should start with keeping your hair health. There are many components that go into having a healthy head of hair. Many people think that their hair is just naturally dry, but this is not necessarily true. By eating healthfully and avoiding exposure to damaging conditions, you can have beautifully hydrated hair which will make everyone take a second glance.

Hydrate! You hair will not be healthy if it is not hydrated. You can keep your hair from drying out by drinking a great deal of water. The daily recommendation is at least 8 glasses per 24 hours. Also, you should stay out of excessive sunlight and avoid extremely hot water. Heating tools such as blow dryers and straitening irons should be used sparingly.

Split Ends! Always get your split ends cut off at least every two months. Even if you are trying to grow your hair out, split ends will make your hair look less healthy.

Sleep Well! Try sleeping on a soft, satin pillowcase. This will help you to avoid getting your hair caught while it rubs against the pillow. This way, you will avoid hair from being pulled out of your head as well as prevent breakage.

Eat Well!
Your diet will reflect how healthy you are. Think of it this way, whatever you put inside your body will show on the outside. Therefore, be sure to take in recommended amounts of vitamins, minerals, and proteins.