Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Charlize Theron Hairstyles 2009, 2010

Charlize Theron's Hairstyles 2009, 2010

Many fans of Charlize Theron will remember her film role in “The Astronaut’s Wife” where she wore her hair very short, in a pixie-style cut. While not every woman can wear this style well, Charlize Theron looked absolutely fabulous, although some would have preferred a little bit more of a fringe around her forehead.
Charlize Theron Latest Hairstyle

The main challenge with this style is that it brings full attention to the shape of your face and makes your features more prominent. Even if you are blessed with the “perfect” oval shape face, this style can cause your features to be exaggerated in a way that may not be attractive; causing you to look to severe.
Charlize Theron Hair

But the super-short pixie look is only one of the many that Charlize Theron has worn throughout her career. Every Hollywood celebrity is aware of the importance of wearing the right hairstyle to any industry event. And the one that is most often chosen is an” Up-Style” where the hair is pulled back away from the face and styled toward the crown of the head.
Charlize Theron Blonde Hair Color

Just like any hairstyle, this red carpet staple for award ceremonies or charity functions has advantages and disadvantages depending on the shape of the face. But in most cases, the up style hairdo can be tailored to show off a woman’s best features. Although the trend seems to be the bigger the event the more fantastically styled the hairdo will be. Charlize Theron has used great care in choosing style that brings out her best for these special occasions.

Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Elegant Yet Stylish Hairstyles 2010

Elegant Yet Stylish Hairstyles 2010

Most women get bored with the same hairstyle over and over again and may opt to do something different to switch things up. A simple cut can help to give ladies a great look.
Stylish Long Hairstyle For 2010

For ladies that have long hair and do not want to cut off their locks they may want to add a few layers throughout to help add a little definition and volume. Layers around the face and around the crown of the head can help to add volume to the hair. Volume helps the hair to appear fuller and thicker.
Trendy Ponytail Hair 2010

Short hairstyles are also in big demand and ladies might want to try a more drastic look and get a super short due. Short styles can have spiky layers throughout that also help to give the hair a little volume. The hair can be longer in the front and shorter in the back or vice versa. The spiky layers really give the hairstyle character.
Razored, Layered Hair 2010

The bob cut is a popular cut and ladies can have their hair cut one length around their entire head or they can opt for different length and layers throughout to create a new look.
Sexy Haircut 2010 With Braids

A few layers or even a few inches cut off can really make a difference for any woman looking to make a change.

Monday, October 26, 2009

2010 Hairstyle Trends for Women

Some of the best short haircuts are Agness Deyn and Katie Holmes short haircuts. However, if you want a short hair that slightly differs from the popular fashion trends, there are other famous ladies that can help with this.

2010 Hairstyle Trends for Women
2010 Haircut Trends for Women
Dido short pixie cut hairstyles 2009
First of all, Dido, a well known British singer that collaborated with the likes of Eminem had a lovely short cut. She had rather thin hair so she opted for layers at the ends of the style and light feathery bangs that were worn both straight down and swept to the side to achieve a variety of different looks for various occasions.

2010 hairstyles for women
2010 haircuts for women

Agyness Deyn was another beautiful woman that put a funkier touch to the usual short hair having it worn really short at the back but still long enough at the front to be able to style it. Peaches Geldoff had her look practically the same as this but worn slightly longer which may appeal to more people.

Hairstyles 2010 trends for women
2010 Hairstyle Trends for Women

Cute Hairstyles for Round Faces Women

Your face shape is the first thing to consider when you first choose a style or are considering a change. While the oval shaped face is considered ideal, there are still plenty of haircuts
for round faces as well as other shapes, each type with its own best features.The first thing a woman with a round face should look for is a haircut that accents length more than width. In other words, you want to stay away from haircuts that make your face appear wider, such as the short, classic bob cut to ear length. Any hairstyle that draws attention to the widest part of your faces is a definite no-no.

Depending on the texture of your hair, you may need to make use of styling products that add volume and shine to get the maximum mileage from the haircuts for round faces that you choose. Wearing your hair at jaw line length draws the eye down your face and is full at the crown creates a lovely frame.

Layered haircuts can work wonders in giving your face the illusion of narrowness that you seek. The more height you add at the crown the more it will detract from the roundness of your face. For women with shoulder length, curly hair, selecting haircuts for round faces is a bit easier: the length focuses attention on where your hair ends detracts from the roundness of your face. For special occasions you can pull the hair away from the face into a lovely up-do.

Saturday, October 24, 2009

Beyonce Fashion Hairstyles

Beyonce Knowles Fashion Hairstyles

Beyonce Knowles has always been known for her stunning sexy looks and the wide assortments of her hairstyles. She loves experimenting with hair and her collection of hairstyles ranges from long to medium length to short hair dos. Every style that has been made by Beyonce reflects her fashion quotient aptly.
Beyonce Knowles Straight Sleek Long Hair

It is really surprising to see the way Beyonce plays with her hair at every occasion whether is a formal party, an award function or just a casual appearance because she can carry herself and her hair so well that it falls naturally on her. Some of the different hair styles sported by Beyonce include long layers, natural curl and straight seductive long hair left loose on her shoulders. All her styles look sexy and give a natural appeal.
Beyonce Knowles Formal Updo

Beyonce chocolate brown hair has a lot of bounce, shine as well as volume which allows her to play with them and create amazing new look every time.
Beyonce Knowles Wavy Locks


Wednesday, October 21, 2009

How To Get Scene Hair For Boys

How To get Scene Hair For Boys

It is easy to get great hair if you are a scene boy. All you need is a good cut, good color, and good styling products. To start with, your hair has to be fairly long so that you can get the cut you want. If you are going for a scene look and you have really short hair, you are going to have to patient and let it grow. It will be worth the wait! You will want it to be long enough so that it can hang in your face and cover your eyes. Once it is that long, you can have it cut. The current trend is to have it long in the front and spiky in the back and on top. You’ll want it to be pretty puffy in the back and on the top, so make sure that the short sections aren’t too short.
Scene Hair For Boys

Once you have the right cut, you are going to want to have it dyed black. For guys, black is the way to go. You can spice it up a little with a few color streaks of pink or purple if you want to, but you’ll be totally trendy with black, well cut hair.
Styling products are really important to keep that scene hair look. Make sure that you have a good straightening iron for the long parts of your hair that are in the front. Then, experiment with different styling gels to find the one that gives you the most volume and spikiness. Do all that and you’ll be well on your way to having great scene hair!
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Tuesday, October 20, 2009

How To Get Shenae Grimes Hair

How To Get Shenae Grimes' Hair

Shenae Grimes reached popularity playing on “Degrassi: The Next Generation” and now in the role of Annie on “90210.” She has beautiful hair and makes having long hair trendy again.
Shenae Grimes Wavy Hair

To get Shenae’s look you need to have your hair curled. If you naturally have curly or wavy hair, you are good to go. If your hair is straight, then you need to use some large hot rollers or a large-barreled curling iron to get the same loose curls Shenae has. If you have bangs, keep them. Bangs are great in this style.
Shenae Grimes

Start by shampooing and conditioning your hair as usual. If you use highlights or otherwise color treat your hair make sure you use a shampoo and conditioner that supports that. Use a rinse-out conditioner unless your hair is very thin or fine. You do not want it to be flat. If you want to brighten up your color like Shenae does use a color booster for your shade. Towel blot your hair and apply some mousse and a holding cream or gel. Use a frizz control balm for hair that tends to frizz.
Shenae Grimes Elegant Hairdo

Using a long finger diffuser, blow dry your hair in two-inch sections. Try not to touch your hair too much to help avoid frizz. Use the lowest, coolest setting and when dry, twist the section of hair and pin or clip it to your scalp. When all of your hair is pinned up, spray all over with a firm holding spray. Once the spray is completely dry, let your hair down and use your fingers to fluff it out. If you want more distinct waves, curl your hair with a medium barrel curling iron or hot rollers and then use your fingers to loosen the curls into the waves you want.

Friday, October 16, 2009

Katie Holmes Bob Haircut Style

Katie Holmes' Bob Haircut Style

Katie Holmes recently joined the growing number of celebrities with bob haircuts. Her new bob haircut made her look extremely sophisticated. The bob is a great cut for any woman because with modern tweaks it can be adapted to suit any woman’s face shape.
Katie Holmes' Bob Haircut

Katie Holmes used to have beautiful shoulder-length hair. She’s opted for a bob and looks incredible. To get her look, find a picture of Katie wearing the particular bob style you like best and take it to your stylist. You don’t have to go to a really expensive and fancy salon. Any stylist knows how to give a bob haircut. Your stylist will cut your hair short, to the nape of the neck, and then design it around your face. You could look exactly like Katie if you want to! This style would be easiest for those with straight hair to pull off.
Don’t think that because you don’t have the same face shape or the same body size as Katie that you can’t pull off this haircut. You can. The beauty of the bob is that anyone can wear it and look great doing it. Try layering your hair in various ways. Or keep your bangs long where you can switch up your look a bit - one day wear your bangs swept to the side, the next let them play peek-a-boo with your eyes. Have your stylist help you decide what kind of layers would be right for you. You may even want to add in a few layers textured with a razor or some highlights. Take the style and make it your own; you will look as good as Katie day or night.

Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Indie Hairstyles - Trendy Style In 2010

Indie Hairstyles - Trendy Style In 2010

The Indie music scene has become quite a hit especially within the fashion world. Many stars are looking to have a nice relaxed look. The indie look is something that can easily be taken care of as well as maintained. Here are some great indie hair cuts that you might like to take a look at trying out. There are many styles that you can choose from!
Those who like to have the natural type hairstyle will enjoy the indie style. Most girls these days like to wear their hair longer and more natural. This means that instead of using the blow dryer, they are simply letting their hair air dry. This will help to accentuate the wave that you might have in your hair. If you are a guy, then you will probably have your hair longer as well. Most indie guys are musicians or artists.

The longer hair helps to express who they are as a person. The men will typically accent their long hair with some sort of hat or bandana. The main goal that you need to achieve is the all natural look. It is very easy to manage and most people are gearing towards that all around style.
The indie trend is something that will not be fading anytime soon. Everyone loves to have a style that is easy to do and makes you look great. Take a look right now about the indie style and see how you might be able to fit into that trend.

Monday, October 5, 2009

Layered Haircut Styles Fall, Winter 2010 Trends

Layered Haircut Styles Fall, Winter 2010 Trends

Layers are wonderful. They are versatile, beautiful, and you can do an enormous amount of things with them. Layers give personality and bounce to any hairstyle. They are also great for highlights and lowlights. Layers will be big in 2010. Medium length hairstyles are all the rage in 2009. Medium length hair is short enough to be out of the way and easy to manage, yet still is long enough for up-dos that are more formal. A medium length bob like what Anna Sophia Robb wears can be a beautiful cut on any woman. It’s just like the traditional bob, only it’s longer, with your hair down to your shoulders. Layers allow this look to flatter any face since it can be adjusted to suit any number of facial structures. A medium bob can be worn down for a flattering, feminine look, or up for a more formal, classy look. Long layers frame the face and help those with more round faces look a bit thinner. Play with the part in your hair and try curls for a different look.
Layered Hairstyle For 2010

The shag has returned in 2009. This haircut can be worn short, medium, or long and is beautiful on anyone. A shag hairstyle is perfect for adding life and body to your hair. It also helps thin hair seem a bit fuller. If you are trying to grow your hair out, a shag style may be perfect for you. You won’t seem like you are in that in-between stage and instead will be stylish while you grow your hair out. Check out Kate Moss and Ashley Olsen for some great ideas about a shag haircut. For a more extreme version of the shag you may like, check out Kristen Stewart or Taylor Momsen.

Thursday, October 1, 2009

Hairstyle Tips For Men 2010

Hairstyle Tips For Men - 2009, 2010 Haircut Styles Edition

Men are just as likely to have a “bad hair day” as women, but generally they will not complain as much. Unfortunately some of the hair tips for men do not give them enough information to have what to look for when visiting a barber or salon to achieve a good hair style.
To being choosing the style that is right for your face shape and hair texture, any barber or stylist who knows what they are doing will first determine the pattern of hair growth. They should examine the crown area and feel the hair by running their hands through it. Although everyone hair begins at the crown, it’s important to see how the hair bends and moves when combed or brushed in different directions.
Trendy Male Haircut For 2010 Season

Some men have “cow licks” which is a small section of hair that grows in a different direction that are easy to see when the hair is combed against the direction of growth so that the ends stand up. So of the most famous celebrities have a head full of cow licks, which gives their hair the appearance of being a tousled mess.
Another one of the hair tips for men that goes unspoken is that your barber or stylist should always take note of the growth at your neckline. The neckline that has an even growth pattern is the most versatile, while the neckline that grows toward the middle means that your hair is growing in half circles and will limit your hairstyle choices.