Friday, July 2, 2010

How To Get Kate Beckinsale Hairstyle

How To Get Kate Beckinsale Hairstyle
Kate Beckinsale has been a fashion icon for quite some time now, and has recently done it again thanks to her charming hair style. Kate Beckinsale has these luscious locks that are continuously desired by women all over the world. Every woman would love to get her charming soft, shiny and touchable hair style, so here are three uncomplicated steps to follow.
Good thing for us, Miss Beckinsale’s charming hairdo is not that complicated to recreate. Here is what you need to do:
Kate Beckinsale Hair
Step 1: Washing your hair
To be able to recreate Kate Beckinsale’s hair style, first things first, wash your hair with a high quality shampoo and hair conditioner.
As soon as you are done washing your hair, carefully towel-dry you tresses. Avoid rubbing your mane vigorously as it can cause frizzy hair, as well as, dull strands.

Step 2: Drying your hair
Pick a curl enhancing cream, such as, Bumble and Bumble styling cream, which is good for holding up the hair style, yet, leaving your hair smooth and soft to touch.
Have straight hair? You can simply leave your hair as it is to dry naturally, or you can use a blow dryer and set it on the lowest setting. Have natural curly strands? Not to worry, all you need to do is simply blow dry your hair, to diffuse your mane until they are about 75% dried up.

Step 3: Curling your hair
As soon as your hair is finally dry, you just need to touch up those unruly strands with the use of a curling iron, about 1 ¼”.
When the curls are in perfect place, carefully and gently pull your hair back just behind your ears, then do a low ponytail. Use a rubber band to keep it in place.
Then spray some hair spray to keep your hair style in place.