Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Quick Guide To A Few Simple Hairstyles 2010

A Quick Guide To A Few Simple Hairstyles 2010

It can be difficult to decide what you want to do with your hair sometimes. This isn't because you don't know how to do hair—but sometimes it can be rather difficult. You can only know so much when it comes to hair. Maybe you're looking for new ways to do your hair, and new ideas to try out. The only problem is actually getting your hair done! How do you do those styles? How hard are they? How long do they take?
Simple Hair 2010

This very quick guide is here to answer your questions about two styles.
The first covered is a style in which your hair is scrunched. This might seem a bit odd, but it's the perfect way to get those “just got out of the ocean” waves that you've been looking for. You need just four things—hair, gel, mousse, and a diffuser.

First, you have to have wet hair, like you're just out of the shower. You can also achieve this effect by using a squirt bottle if your hair isn't wet at the current moment. Do not towel dry like you would normally—this can create frizz which is not part of the hairstyle and will ruin the look. Simply cover it in a towel until it has dried most of the way on its own. You need to squeeze and scrunch it with the towel a few times until large portion of the water is out. Do not rub, however. This can take a while depending on how thick or thin your hair is.

Then take a mousse and place it at the bottom and middle of your scalp. Be very gentle when you rub it in. After this, take a gel, and spread it over your hands and begin to scrunch. Afterward, you simply dry it with a diffuser. And voila. You have scrunched hair.
The second hairstyle is layered ponytails. These are really, really simple and look nice while keeping you cool.

Create a vertical part at the top of your hair. Make sure you have about an inch of hair in your hands and create a ponytail. After that, create another part, directly below that one. Take the tail of the first ponytail and include it in with the second. The tail should be mixed with the second ponytail. Continue this until you get to the bottom of your hair and then just make a large ponytail at the bottom. You can also do this on both sides or one on each side and a third in the middle. It's up to you.
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Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Smoothing Flyaway Hair – The Trouble with Frizz

Smoothing Flyaway Hair – The Trouble with Frizz

Frizzy hair hits us all at some point or another. Whether you have thick, full hair or mousy limp hair, chances are when it rains (or for some of us, when you boil water nearby) your hair is going to frizz and spring up. The bad news is that there just is no way to cure your hair of its frizzy tendencies. The good news is that there are things you can do to calm it down when a frizz attack happens.

First things first – you have to buy the right products to treat your frizzy hair. Smoothing serums, heat-resistant gels and leave-in conditioners dedicated to helping smooth flyaway hair are all great ways to go in the product arena. Try asking your stylist to help you choose some products that will work for you specific hair type. There are also a few “don’ts” to keep in mind about frizzy hair that are important in its maintenance. Unless you use high-priced professional products to prevent it, which most of us don’t, excessive blow drying and straightening with hot materials can cause hair to split and frizz out much worse than usual, so keep these activities to a minimum. Another thing that can increase frizz is a bad haircut. Always make sure you see a stylist who knows what he/she is doing – some stylists can even cut split ends and frizz INTO hair! Finally, it is important to stay hydrated. Keeping enough water in you is the best thing you can do for your hair. It keeps the strands well-hydrated so they don’t frizz, but lie flat.

Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Classic Joan Jett Hairstyle

Classic Joan Jett Hairstyle

Whether you’re an old-school fan of Joan Jett, or you simply appreciate her style as a result of Kristen Stewart’s adaptation of Jett in The Runaways, you are likely to appreciate all of Jett’s rockin’ hairstyles. Joan Jett is a world renowned guitarist who got her start in the all girl rock-band “The Runaways.” Throughout her career, Jett has played a myriad of live shows and written many world famous songs. Jett is also famous for her hard rock style, which includes her jet-black, edgy hairstyle.
If you’re thinking about getting a Joan Jett inspired look, you will want to start by getting a fantastic haircut. Jett’s haircut (as depicted in The Runaways) is short and choppy. This particular hairstyle is shorter in the front and longer in the back. Many might say that this is a hardcore, stylistic version of the traditional mullet.
When getting your hair cut, you will want your stylist to use cutting methods which make your hair piece-y and choppy throughout your entire head. This will allow you to easily wash, dry, and separate the pieces of your hair to give you an awesome spiky look. This will be much easier of your hair is naturally thick, rather than thin hair which may tend to simply fall flat, regardless of your individual cut.
There are many products to choose from when styling your Joan Jett inspired haircut. Some people prefer pomades, and others prefer gel or molding wax. Regardless of your product preference, simply be sure to piece your hair out to make it as edgy as possible.

Thursday, July 8, 2010

Reese Witherspoon Elegant Yet Easy Hairstyle

Reese Witherspoon's Elegant Yet Easy Hairstyle

Reese Witherspoon, a petite and chic Hollywood star has always been credited for her fabulous taste and fashion sense, as well as, having great hair! She can sport a rather simple hair style and still gets away looking chic and glamorous. You can get Reese Witherspoon’s elegant yet easy hair style, and here is how to do it:

Step One: Washing your hair

• To start off, wash your hair with your most favored shampoo and conditioner. Have frizzy hair? No problem, pick out the Sleek Look Shampoo & Conditioner by Matrix, it can help and do wonders to your locks which will look sleek and straight.
Step Two: Choose a good straightener or leave-in conditioner

• Sleek Look Styling Crème by Matrix is a good choice; apply some to your damp hair. It will smoothen out those curls, tame the frizzes and you can easily blow dry your hair straight. There are two versions you can choose upon, extreme is for hair that are thick, curly, frizzy or dry; while lite is for hair that is considerably normal, unruly or dry.
• Just apply an ample amount unto your palm and then work your way thoroughly through your hair, from root to tip.

Step Three: Blow-dry

• With the use of a soft-bristle round brush, while you blow dry your hair, pull it straight.
Step Four: Pull it back

• Loosely pull your hair back with your fingers and secure it with an elastic band.
Step Five: Twist it and secure

• Tightly twist your hair once around the elastic band, underneath the twist place some bobby pins. For the remaining hair, twist it as well, as many times as it will take until there is no more free hair then pin them to where you pinned the very first time. To secure this hair style, use a hairspray to finish off.

Sunday, July 4, 2010

Sarah Jessica Parker Updo Hair

Sarah Jessica Parker Updo Hair

Sarah Jessica Parker is a well-known star who rose to fame with the popular show “Sex and the City.” She is considered a fashion and style diva and many people love to mimic her style. Sarah is a beautiful woman who always looks wonderful and her hairstyles are no exception. She has a long face, and she is able to bring out her best features while playing down her worse ones.
Sarah Jessica Parker Updo

Sarah never fails to impress with her incredibly good taste in style and hairstyles. She wears an incredible updo that is a perfect twist. Her hair is pulled back tightly and sleeked back so that it is perfectly smooth. She pulls her hair into a high ponytail and then separates that into two, then twists the sections around themselves. She pins it to the back of her head with bobby pins and uses hairspray to keep everything in place. This is an elegant look that is perfect when paired with an evening dress.

This look is an easy one to dress up even further with accessories. Add flowers or beads, or even a small necklace of pearls to your hair to bring more dramatic flair. You could match jeweled pins and clips to your necklace or earrings, or even add ribbons if you wanted to. This is an excellent style to wear to the prom, weddings, or any other formal event. It works best with long hair, and the longer the better. Medium-length and shorter hair is nearly impossible to get into a tight, sleek bun like this.
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Friday, July 2, 2010

How To Get Kate Beckinsale Hairstyle

How To Get Kate Beckinsale Hairstyle
Kate Beckinsale has been a fashion icon for quite some time now, and has recently done it again thanks to her charming hair style. Kate Beckinsale has these luscious locks that are continuously desired by women all over the world. Every woman would love to get her charming soft, shiny and touchable hair style, so here are three uncomplicated steps to follow.
Good thing for us, Miss Beckinsale’s charming hairdo is not that complicated to recreate. Here is what you need to do:
Kate Beckinsale Hair
Step 1: Washing your hair
To be able to recreate Kate Beckinsale’s hair style, first things first, wash your hair with a high quality shampoo and hair conditioner.
As soon as you are done washing your hair, carefully towel-dry you tresses. Avoid rubbing your mane vigorously as it can cause frizzy hair, as well as, dull strands.

Step 2: Drying your hair
Pick a curl enhancing cream, such as, Bumble and Bumble styling cream, which is good for holding up the hair style, yet, leaving your hair smooth and soft to touch.
Have straight hair? You can simply leave your hair as it is to dry naturally, or you can use a blow dryer and set it on the lowest setting. Have natural curly strands? Not to worry, all you need to do is simply blow dry your hair, to diffuse your mane until they are about 75% dried up.

Step 3: Curling your hair
As soon as your hair is finally dry, you just need to touch up those unruly strands with the use of a curling iron, about 1 ¼”.
When the curls are in perfect place, carefully and gently pull your hair back just behind your ears, then do a low ponytail. Use a rubber band to keep it in place.
Then spray some hair spray to keep your hair style in place.

Thursday, July 1, 2010

Secrets To Healthy Hair 2010

Secrets to Healthy Hair 2010

If you want to have beautiful, long locks like your favorite celebrity, you should start with keeping your hair health. There are many components that go into having a healthy head of hair. Many people think that their hair is just naturally dry, but this is not necessarily true. By eating healthfully and avoiding exposure to damaging conditions, you can have beautifully hydrated hair which will make everyone take a second glance.

Hydrate! You hair will not be healthy if it is not hydrated. You can keep your hair from drying out by drinking a great deal of water. The daily recommendation is at least 8 glasses per 24 hours. Also, you should stay out of excessive sunlight and avoid extremely hot water. Heating tools such as blow dryers and straitening irons should be used sparingly.

Split Ends! Always get your split ends cut off at least every two months. Even if you are trying to grow your hair out, split ends will make your hair look less healthy.

Sleep Well! Try sleeping on a soft, satin pillowcase. This will help you to avoid getting your hair caught while it rubs against the pillow. This way, you will avoid hair from being pulled out of your head as well as prevent breakage.

Eat Well!
Your diet will reflect how healthy you are. Think of it this way, whatever you put inside your body will show on the outside. Therefore, be sure to take in recommended amounts of vitamins, minerals, and proteins.