Thursday, December 31, 2009

Alyssa Milano's Famous Pixie Haircut, Short Trendy Hairdo for 2010

Alyssa Milano's Famous Pixie Haircut, Short Trendy Hairdo for 2010

Alyssa Milano has graced us with her presence on a number of television shows and movies. We have seen her grow up, and we have seen her style change from time to time. A current favorite amongst women all over the world is the Alyssa Milano hairstyle.
Alyssa Milano's Pixe Haircut

The Alyssa Milano hairstyle is a funky and fresh pixie look. It features many short layers, which are perfect for framing the face and accentuating facial features. It is particularly great for women with an oval shaped face or smaller features. Women of all ages can sport the look by following a simple procedure. If you don’t want to go for any highlights, the style will still look stunning, and you can do it from the comfort of your own home.
Still Trendy Haircut in 2010, Pixie Haircut

After you have washed your hair, apply some styling mousse. Make sure that it has a strong hold to keep the style in place. When it comes to blow-drying, you don’t even need a brush. All you need to do is run your fingers through your hair while drying. Do this until your hair is totally dry. The messier it is the better it will look. Use a molding cream to flatten the top, and then the sides. In both cases drag your hair forward. For a bit of extra texture you can use the molding cream to pinch clumps of hair together.
If you follow this styling procedure, you can have the Alyssa Milano haircut in a matter of just minutes.

Monday, December 28, 2009

Teenage Boys Hairstyles, Trends For 2010

Teenage Boys Hairstyles, Trends For 2010

There are a few great ways for "teenage boys" to try their hair this year. Take a few examples from the celebrities. If there is anyone that can show teens a versatile look it is Cristiano Ronaldo. While he is a bit older, he has a very youthful style. His image is very stylish and edgy which appeals to many teens. His hair is cropped close on the sides and left long on top for multiple styling applications. Cristiano has made the fauxhawk very popular, and he has also shown that he can use this style to wash and wear daily. Cristiano’s hair is totally easy to change. It is highly adaptable for any situation which teens need for their active lifestyles today.
Adam Lambert is another great style for teens. Adam is currently the best example for the Emo style for fashion and hair. He has relatively short hair all around his ears and neckline while maintaining longer, layered bangs which he can style in many ways. This is another very versatile cut that can be styled with just a few products in any way you want. And of course there is also super cute Justin Bieber with his trendy haircut!
Justin Bieber's Hair

For a slightly harder-to-style look with great effect, check out the Twilight series movie actors Robert Pattinson and Taylor Lautner. They have a look that has taken the teen scene by storm! Their stylists cut their hair about the same length all around and used mousse to style it up. It basically looks like flames of hair coming off their head! But the effect is very dramatic, chic, and highly coveted this year!

Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Nicole Richie Natural Looking Trendy Hairstyles

Nicole Richie Natural Looking Trendy Hairstyles

For the women who follow the hair style trends of the celebrities but prefer a simple, complicated look, Nicole Richie hair styles are like a breath of fresh air. As a celebrity who works in film, Nicole Richie is one woman who knows how to take her work on the big screen in stride and keep her life and her hair styles as simple as possible. But simple doesn’t have to mean boring, and she has several styles that work fabulously with her lovely blonde hair.
Nicole Richie Latest Hairstyle

Nicole Richie has experimented with different lengths as well as styles; from subtle wavy hairstyles, short boy cuts, and elegant up styles, this celebrity’s hair styles cover a wide range that give her enough versatility to be ready for any occasion.
Nicole Richie's Wavy Hair

The chic bob with soft layers that gracefully frame her face works well for Nicole Richie’s light blond hair color. The cut is very attractive because it creates a lot of shine throughout the hair. Many of the tapered cuts that stylists use today are what women are looking for because it is easy to maintain and looks great on almost everyone. For Nicole Richie’s hectic lifestyle this hairstyle is must do that works for every occasion. Combine this cut with a soft and long side swept bang or use soft waves and brush your hair back to create the perfect look for you whether you are in a flirty mood or strictly business this cut has the versatility you need to look fabulous.

Sunday, December 20, 2009

Sexy Trendy Hairstyles Pictures

Best Celebrity Hairstyles 2009, 2010

Best Celebrity Hairstyles 2009, 2010

It is hard to pick any celebrity as the best hairstyle this year because they all decided to try to get so creative! Different colored hair, different lengths and dramatic bangs all added to the competition. Here are a few of our favorites!
Lady Gaga was a head turner this year! She made punk look good with a sexy style that looked good with her hair down or cut to a medium length. She used very striking colors and a base of platinum blonde that really showed her personality. She wins hands down for most successfully showing her individualism and pushing punk to high fashion!
Lady GaGa Hair

Katie Holmes shocked us all with her shorter Victoria Beckham-style look. We give her the most dramatically changed award! It looks like Rihannas style has now started pushing other women to start living on the shorter edge. Now that women have seen Katie, there is definitely a high fashion trend towards shorter hair with a wide range of dramatic looks with the use of the angles and levels of women’s bangs.
Katie Holmes' Short Hairdo

The only reason Rihanna doesn’t win this one is because she does wonderful things with changing up her short style, but she hasn’t veered away from the shorter styles. We’re looking for dramatic changes for this award!
Rihanna's Hair

Sienna Miller’s gorgeous locks show us that you can still have fun, and be fashion forward with longer hair as well! She has taken her layered bangs and Veronics Lake-inspired waves straight to the top of the charts this season!
Sienna Miller's Hair


Friday, December 18, 2009

Latest Hairstyles Trends 2010 - Keri Hilson

Latest Hairstyles Trends 2010 - Keri Hilson, a True Hair Trend Setter!

There are very few celebrities out there whose hairstyles are more diverse than Keri Hilson. She has really made an art out of changing her style in dramatic and interesting ways!
Keri Hilson With Short Wavy Hair

Keri has competed with Rihanna in the category of newest and edgiest hairstyles for some time now. They both have a wonderful grasp of how to use their short hairstyles to grab the media’s attention! Keri has gone with shorter styles that generate lots of volume in her hair, and side-swept bangs, that give her a youthful, but sexy look. Also, she has tried out a closer-cut bob style that works just as well but is a little more sophisticated. Both of these looks can take her from the street to a formal event on any given day with just a few styling products added.
Keri Hilson Bob Hairstyle

We have also seen Keri take her medium length cut to the red carpet this year! She gave us a shocking color scheme by dying the ends of her hair one color and the rest of her hair another color. It was a bold fashion statement that showed off her confidence and personality! She is not afraid to try out new styles, and she is not afraid to push the envelope when it comes to expressing her inner artist!
Keri Hilson Short Fringe Hairdo

Keri is a breath of fresh air as an artist who is unafraid to show how fashion and music can be so intimately linked! Putting Keri in the public eye is like giving a painter a blank canvas to create a masterpiece! Keri simply is the full package – talented and beautiful!

Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Stage, Screen Hairstyles Trends

Stage, Screen Hairstyles Trends

Hair has gotten shorter on most celebrities this year, and it has made many people rethink their whole image. However, if you were looking at the stage in Saitama, Japan this year you would have seen Beyonce with long flowing locks that would make your jaw drop. Adam Lambert, on the other hand, has gone straight towards the fringe look that has become so popular and edgy this year.

No one is saying that she has dramatically changed her look or anything, but with her patented spiral curling mane, Beyonce wins for the best hairstyle on stage in the women’s category! And the best thing about it is that if you want that style, it is easily achievable by wrapping strands of your hair around a vertically-held curling iron. It is number one in our eyes because of the dramatic volume that it gets that really adds a sexy, dangerous look. She didn’t color her hair for effect, it is natural looking and stunning at the same time. And there is no question that it really sells her whole Sasha Fierce image while on stage.

For the men, we have to give this year’s most dramatic look to Adam Lambert. He has gone so fashion forward for men! He has taken the whole Emo fashion – straight out of the Twilight saga – and made it fashionable on stage. He is the perfect image of the Fringe look with his spiky, messy hair style that has become the runway and magazine favorites this year for Generation Y. The Twilight saga has impacted our younger generation without question, and Adam has brought it wholeheartedly to the stage!

Monday, December 14, 2009

Best Hairstyles For Square Faces in 2010

Best Hairstyles For Square Faces in 2010

Strong, square jaw lines make this look slightly more masculine than other facial shapes, and softening the lines is a great way to create balance. Here are some basic tips to flattering your facial features.

Short to medium cuts with waves or roundness to the hair will flatter your straight-lined features the most. Wispy bangs offer softer lines that draw the eye away from a square face. Also, you may consider an off-center part with some height to your hair as part of your overall look because that will offset any harsher lines. You have a very symmetrical shape which will benefit from the elongated effects of raising the hair a little bit. And again, if you have straight hair, you might consider a little curl or wave to help achieve a nice balance with your straight features.

Try to avoid long straight styles that accentuate your jawbone. And stay away from the linear bang cuts or the down-the-center parts in your hairstyles also. You want to break up some of the symmetrical features in your face, not emphasize them! You can wear a layered bob, but don’t end it at the chin. Make the cut above or below the jaw line to soften the look. Adding a little height and volume towards the top of your head will balance out a wider jaw as well.

Whatever you do, a little research online can help. Look at celebrities that have a square face, and use this article to ponder their hair styles. Then, bring in some pictures to your stylist and be bold when you choose your perfect style!

Thursday, December 10, 2009

Best Pageant Hairstyles Winter, Summer 2010

Best Pageant Hairstyles Winter, Summer 2010

The latest styles may be leaning towards shorter hair, but if you want to win a pageant, the odds are better if you have longer hair. In fact, many of the winners in the last several years have had the same style – long, down, and wavy!
Kristen Dalton's Long Sedu Hair

You can look around for the latest fashions, and some of the more popular choices may project an image for you that will win favor with the judges. However, the most important thing is that you present a glamorous appearance in the most natural and becoming light. You have to take your talent into consideration along with what overall image you are looking to project. And you will want to be able to move around at all stages of the competition.
Kristen Dalton

However, all of that being said, look at the five highest ranking Miss America contestants in 2009. Kristen Dalton of North Carolina ultimately won, but Carrie Prejean of California, Alicia-Monique Blanco from Arizona, Laura Chukanov from Utah, and Maria Montgomery from Kentucky all had the same hairstyle – long, down, and wavy! You do the math.
Kristen Dalton - Pageant Long Wavy Hair

So if you want to win, research your facial shape, and find a style and color that will naturally look good with your facial features, eye color, and skin tone. Cut it in a style that is long, down, and wavy that suits your face and is easily worn in every part of the competition! Even straight hair can be cut and styled to easily create small waves at least. So never lose hope, put your best foot forward, and just be confident in your final choice!

Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Mandy Moore Hairstyles

Mandy Moore Hairstyles

Mandy Moore has gone from a long bob style, to long flowing locks, and back to a wispy fringe haircut with ease! It isn’t difficult to change your look if you work with the different lengths, angles, and colors that compliment with your face shape and skin tones.
Mandy Moore Formal & Casual Hairstyle

Mandy has an oval face shape that looks really good with layered bangs that frame her face. And Mandy’s stylist used this technique at various lengths and angled cuts. For more luxurious curls, Mandy wore her bangs back or feathered them out to show off her prominent, but not large, forehead. A simple part in the middle of her hair seems to work for her with any length, but she has recently gone to the more stylish side-swept fringe look that is gaining popularity and seems to be a trend into 2010.
Mandy Moore Latest Hair

Mandy’s use of color has always set her apart in style as well. Without getting too outrageous, she has used blond accents, gone fully blonde, played with auburn, and went back to brown with remarkable ease and grace. It is true that her makeup artist had to be in great synch with her stylist to make these looks work! But her use of natural colors in her hair and makeup compliment her down-to-earth look. She is easily able to be glamorous or cute depending on what she wants. Clear skin and healthy hair also work to Mandy’s advantage. Throughout all of her hair changes, even into different chemical colorings, Mandy has always had healthy, shiny hair. The health of her hair and skin make Mandy all the more attractive and photogenic. This is a key element to her confident, carefree image

Monday, December 7, 2009

Japanese Hairstyles, Winter, Summer 2010

Japanese Hairstyles, Winter, Summer 2010 Edition

Although the long, black hair of Asian women is a standard look, not all Japanese women have this type of hair. And, quite frankly, not all Japanese women WANT this type of hair. Japanese women want versatility!
It has become a million dollar industry to alter the appearance of naturally straight or black hair. The Japanese have always been on the cutting edge of fashion, and that fact remains true today! Tokyo is a fashion hub transforming many of the cultures of the world into an Asian-style look that continues to morph and stay on the edge. They use style, length, color, and texture to bring out new styles all the time.
Shorter styles are in the forefront of fashion in Japan now as it is on the runways and in many of the high fashion magazines around the world. We are only beginning to see the possibilities of the creations that stylists can make with shorter hair. These shorter styles work with any shaped face. And whether straight, wavy, a perm, or naturally thick curls, Asian short hair styles can work for you!
There are 3 bob styles – casual, clear, and natural – that show the kind of variations of effects that can be achieved with almost the same hair style. That means you can start with a shorter version and change your look a little each month to “grow into” the others. That is a great incentive to get experimental with these looks because it is easy to transform your look from one to the other to fit any occasion!

Friday, December 4, 2009

Nicole Kidman Hair

Nicole Kidman Hair

Nicole Kidman was born with naturally curly hair, but you would never know this from the multitude of straight styles this outstanding actress has worn throughout her career. She has gained masterful control over her hair; giving her a lot of styling options.
If you have curly hair that you want to tame, follow Nicole Kidman’s example and seek out the special treatments that are being developed for this problem. Even for women who like the curly look want it to be under control and formed into the individual ringlets that are all the rage today.
Nicole Kidman Hair

Choose a frizz control product that contains silicone or jojoba oil because this provides an excellent base for other products. Next you might want to apply a gel that is formulated for curly hair. Choose the hair product that will add extra shine and give you more flexibility in managing your hair. One way to reduce frizz is to comb these products through wet hair and then allow the hair to dry without any type of manipulation. While the hair is drying gently take a handful of hair and push the ends toward the roots while squeezing and lifting the hair to give it more volume. Resist the temptation to run your fingers through the ends of the hair while it is drying. After your hair is completely dry, gently separate the curls and lift the hair for fullness. Keep in mind that the more you handle your hair, the more frizz can develop.

Thursday, December 3, 2009

2010 Fringe Hairstyles Trends

2010 Fringe Hairstyles Trends

Fringe hairstyles have made a comeback. These hairstyles are sexy, chic, and easy to maintain. They can be adapted to suit any woman’s face and there are hundreds of ways you can add some fun to them. Fringe hairstyles are great to hide overly large foreheads or expression lines; they also can be excellent to draw attention to your eyes. Round faces can be thinned with a fringe while those with very long faces can actually use a fringe hairstyle to shorten their face and draw more attention to their beautiful features.
2010 Fringe Hair Trends

A popular fringe hairstyle for 2010 is the classic fringe. This style gives you a fresh look and brings out your eyes. The bangs are just above the eyes, and you can adapt this style to suit your lifestyle. It can end at the nape of your neck, or you can wear it just to your shoulders. Layers are a great option and add some fun to the style. This is a nice style if you have thin hair since layering will add some volume and make your hair appear thicker. You can also play with parts, add curls, and add highlights for new looks. Have fun with it! This style has become popular with teens and younger women in 2009.
Side Swept Bangs For 2010

Many other kinds of fringes are popular. Shattered fringes are done by cutting your bangs in extreme angles side to side. This gives you a peek-a-boo look that is just incredibly sexy. Adding blunt edges to your bangs at odd locations gives you a more radical look. If you are in your forties or fifties, try side swept fringes. These styles give you an elegant and classy look; you look beautiful without looking like you’re trying too hard to look young. Asymmetrical bangs can help bring out your features and are ideal for those who want to look funky by adding colors such as blue or pink to their hair.

Shenae Grimes Hair Tips

Shenae Grimes Hair Tips

Maybe it is the Canadian air from her hometown of Toronto that has magically given Shenae Grimes her wavy s-shaped hair curls, but I think it is more likely that she uses extensions, but she also has to take good care of the hair, she does have!
Shenae Grimes Long Wavy Hair

No one wants to admit when they use extensions in their hair because they feel like they are fooling everyone and there is no reason to tell. And if someone asks if you have extensions in your hair, the only question I would ask in return is, “Does it look like I have extensions in my hair?” The answer to this question may be quite revealing!
Shenae Grimes Sexy Hairstyles

But extensions or not, Shenae Grimes always demonstrates a fantastic healthy hair appearance! If you have long hair like Ms. Grimes you should be careful to take care of it with a few easy steps. First off, if you color your hair, you need to also use a moisturizing conditioner to help heal the damage the coloring process forces on your hair. And even if you do not color all the time, you can amp up the color of your hair with some simple products like Ken Paves boost up color product with your daily conditioner. Use coloring sparingly and use daily moisturizing shampoo as well.
Shenae Grimes Latest Hairstyle

Never forget that your hair’s most attractive quality is the healthy, shiny appearance that it gives off if it has the proper care. I know that Shenae takes good care of her hair because you can’t tell which acting roles require her real hair and which require extensions – and I am sure she will never tell!

Sunday, November 29, 2009

Asian Hairstyles For Women 2010

Asian Hairstyles For Women 2010

Asian women are blessed with naturally smooth, sleek, straight hair. Their styles often reflect this and they always look good. All lengths of hairstyles look great on Asian women. Many of their styles look extremely good on round faces but all face shapes can take advantage of Asian styles.
2010 Asian Hair Idea

A beautiful Asian style is to have your long hair cut into three lengths; this is best with straight hair. Keep most of your hair long. For your side bangs, cut them to just below your chin. This allows them to frame your face beautifully. For your bangs, cut them above your eyes. You can either keep them straight or you can sweep them to the side. To change up this look, vary the way your hair is parted. Try curling the ends for another pretty change. It’s a great look for 2009.
2010Asian Ponytail Hair

Layers are great for Asian hairstyles. Layers can be used in long or short styles and are great for the addition of volume, highlights and textures. For long hair, cut in layers and part it on the side. It will give you an incredible look. For short hair such as bobs, layering will add a lot of personality to your look and make you look fun and chic.
2010 Asian Wavy, Layered Hairstyle

Layers are also great for medium length hair, giving lots of style possibilities and character to otherwise dull hair. Try curling different layers for a new look. Pinning part of your hair back with a pretty clip can really turn heads. Layers are all the rage in 2009 no matter what length your hair is.

Thursday, November 26, 2009

Lauren Conrad Trendy Hairstyles 2009, 2010

Lauren Conrad Trendy Hairstyles 2009, 2010

Lauren Conrad has such great fashion sense for choosing attractive hairstyles before they become wildly popular that many women are wondering how to duplicate her look and her style.
One of the things that women admire about LC is her flair for obtaining perfect golden highlights in just the right places of her fabulous hair.
Lauren Conrad Lovely Wavy Hair

These highlights are done so well that most people think that this is her natural hair color. But every beautiful hairstyle has its secrets and any woman can easily learn how to duplicate Lauren Conrad’s hair styling techniques.
LC's Hair Always Looks Perfect

First thing to know is that Lauren Conrad’s look is often call the “blond-brunette” look this is a formula brings together the best of the world of brunette and blonde hair coloring techniques. In essence you start with medium or dark brown hair and then have the stylist use thin golden highlighting streaks throughout to achieve this signature look.
Lauren Conrad Long Trendy Hair

Hair color and highlighting is part of the success to Lauren Conrad’s hairstyle, but not the whole story. The hair cut is just as important and you have to decide which one will work best for your face shape, even better consult a professional hair stylist before you make your choice.
Lauren Conrad Hair

Lauren Conrad looks great in waves, because she makes them look natural with lots of volume but ultra sleek. If you have medium-long straight hair, you can duplicate any of her great looks, like the classic haircut with side-swept bangs or maybe use the romantic layered curls and waves hairstyle.