Thursday, June 18, 2009

Taylor Swift Hairstyles

Taylor Swift Hairstyles - Blessed With Lovely Curly Hair

Taylor Swift hairstyles are turning a lot of heads; this up-and-coming country music singer is blessed with naturally curly hair that styles beautiful in a variety of ringlet hairdos whether worn up or down. Her appearance at the 2008 Grammy Awards caused a lot of excitement due to her perfectly styled hairdo of cascading ringlets. To complement her cascading curls, she usually wears a side-swept bang that frames her face or a dramatic slice of hair that covers one eye to add a bit of mystery to her glamorous looks.

Taylor Swift Lovely Curly Hair

Because she has a square jaw line, wide forehead and a rounded chin, Taylor Swift hairstyles have features that help provide symmetry and balance. To show off her eyes, she wears her hair with an elongated side part with her hair styled over the crown of her head with most of her hair falling into a side sweep with gentle waves, ending at her collarbone.

Taylor Swift Is Blessed With Natural Curls

She has also turned heads by changing her hair color with tones that complement the golden locks of this young songstress. For example using a light brown tone for contrast with the layers accented with vanilla creating a rich toffee blond look.

Amazing Taylor Swift

Taylor Swift hairstyles are perfect for the woman who loves an ultra-feminine look that is romantic enough for an intimate dinner for two as well as public appearances on the red carpet in Hollywood. Start with the right haircut for your face shape and then it will be easy to achieve the same gorgeous look.

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