Monday, June 22, 2009

Britney Spears Hairstyles

Britney Spears Hairstyles - Summer Fall 2009

Britney Spears’ hairstyles are most notable for the number of trends she has started even though she almost always wears her hair loose and long. It takes several years to grow hair to reach below the shoulders and Britney has drawn attention to her locks by using hair extensions, even launching her own signature collection.

Britney Spears Hair

Many young female teenagers rave about Britney Spears’ hair style and follow her hairstyle changes religiously to create their own “Britney” look. The one drawback to duplicating these style are the rather extreme styling techniques used to give Britney her unique hair styles, which may be damaging to the hair.
On the other hand, layering techniques are easy on the hair and essential to capturing the Britney look. The stylist will taper the layers toward the chin gracefully to frame the face, making sure that the outer layer of hair is the longest.
Adding hair color highlights is another way to add texture and depth to a Britney Spears’ hair style. You can use several different highlight colors selected to accent the golden blond hair color that she wears.
To add movement, a stylist should use a large-barreled curling iron to produce the ringlet and waves. Finish the styling by combing the hair with fingers instead of using a brush will give a more natural look. Wear your hair loose around your shoulders to complete your Britney Spears’ hairstyle. To keep your locks looking great, use hair spray or hair gel to reduce frizz and keep hair smoothly organized in their sleek arrangement.

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