Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Hairstyle Trends 2009 - Ponytails, Braids and Waves

Latest Hairstyle Trends - Ponytails, Braids and Waves Are Back In Business

From the red carpet to the classroom, many hairstyles are seeing a new introduction. The ‘bump’ from the 70’s has returned with a new look worn with ponytails and flat sides pinned back behind the ears. The beehive has made a huge comeback in African American hairstyles, while more sleek and professional looks as those found on the First Lady are creating a buzz. Regardless of your status in life, hairstyles are a way of expressing your uniqueness to the world. Here are a few other hairstyle trends that are making a statement.

Latest Hairstyle Trends

Ponytails are not just for tykes anymore. From cheerleaders in high school to the ever popular mother on the move, this style has even been seen in the White House. With the First Family making huge strides in the fashion world, every eye seems to look to them for guidance. The ponytail can be worn low for older women, and higher up the younger the wearer.
Braids are slowly bringing themselves up to date. No more days of the simple French braid or small plats, this is the time of sophistication and imagination. Using many small braids in a ponytail along with a few larger braids for a layered look, this statement goes from schoolroom to boardroom.
Waves are always looked at as hard to achieve and heartily sought after. Curling irons everywhere heat up for the newest looks. Long or short hair, old or young, waves creates depth and makes the hair appear fuller than it actually is. This style is great for anyone with thinning or thin locks.