Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Styling Coarse Hair

Styling Coarse Hair, Few Ideas - Summer Fall 2009

For women with coarse or curly hair, there is so little you seem to think can be done as far as styling is concerned. Here are a few ideas on what to do with your coarse or curly hair.
Up-do’s are always in, regardless of your age or color. For longer curly locks, a French twist with curls left to frame the face will create a professional or sexy look for any occasion. For the professional seeking an up-do, a simple ponytail with a twist will keep people wondering. To do this, pull the hair into a ponytail, and as you approach the last twist in your pony tail elastic, don’t pull the hair completely through. Leave the last 3 inches of hair inside the elastic for a fun and flirty look. Shorter hairstyles scream for more attention when you have coarse or curly hair. This hair type needs a lot of care to keep from having split ends and strays. To keep strays and flyaway’s from causing your short look to appear messy, use a spray wax or gel to secure them in place. The normal areas where this is seen are around the temples and ears.
Bobs and pixie cuts in coarse or short hair do not normally work out, so in order to keep a nice look while waiting for the hair to grow out, hair pins and barrettes do wonders. Pinning the hair in small sections up and away from the face makes a great up swept hairstyle for in between lengths.