Monday, June 1, 2009

Rihanna With Short Hairstyles

Rihanna's Short Hairstyles

Rihanna, beautiful multi-talented Barbados born beauty, has been setting trends with her edgy hair style since her “Umbrella” hit.

Rihanna's Short Hairstyle

This young beauty keeps experimenting with her hair and continues to look absolutely great from her softer lighter hairdo’s, to her darker rock star edge. Rihanna hairstyles prevent her fans from noticing her narrow forehead; her hairstyles compliment her face shape so well that they make it look like oval shape. Thankfully because of her experience as a model, the fashion ‘police’ have given all of Rihanna‘s different hairstyles the nod of approval.

Rihanna's Short Hairstyles

Rihanna’s hairstyles don’t just compliment her face, but her whole body. She takes a funky and fresh approach to her hairstyles, adding colors like pink, blonde, and blue to her jet black hair. Rihanna looks great whether it’s short and spiked or styled in beautiful curls. Her versatility is the reason Rihanna has became a fashion icon to her fans and celebrities as well.

Rihanna's Short Hairstyles

Rihanna’s short hairstyles suit women with an oval or heart shape face as these accentuate cheekbones and small facial features. Rihanna short haircuts are not for the shy; they’re very bold and if you ever decide to sport one of her hairstyles you are guaranteed to get noticed. Rihanna takes on hairstyles that dare her to be different, for example wearing her hair in an asymmetrical haircut with the light side curled and then designed over to flow to even heavier side.

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