Monday, February 8, 2010

Eliza Dushku Cute, Elegant Hairstyles

Eliza Dushku Cute, Elegant Hairstyles
Eliza Dushku is an all-American girl. This cute actress is well loved for her fun yet casual style, and the incredible way she can go from simple to elegant in a heartbeat. Born in Boston, Massachusetts, Eliza has been in movies as well as on television. She is well-known for her role on “Dollhouse” on the FOX network. Her fresh yet conservative style is a great one to emulate.
Eliza Dushku Brunette Wavy hair

One of the cutest styles that Eliza has worn is a double braid. This style has been around for quite a long time, but many people were afraid to wear it because they were afraid they would look silly. Now that Eliza has worn it – and looked great doing it – more and more people are wearing this great style.
Eliza Dushku Hair

It’s good for nearly any shaped face, and no matter how thick your hair is, you’ll look good. Simply part your hair in the middle, make a loose braid on either side, and secure with matching elastics. It’s a great look for a casual outing, or you could dress it up a bit with a nice ribbon.
Eliza Dushku Elegant Updo

If you’re looking for a nice updo, here’s one for you. Eliza has worn her hair in a bun, sitting at about the middle of her head. She had her hair smooth, and left her bangs loose. The bangs framed her face beautifully, and the bun was carefully held in place with pins and looked quite elegant. Use hair spray to help hold your bun in place. You’ll need long hair for this style, it looks best on those with oval, and heart shaped faces. You can easily dress this romantic updo up with some clips, flowers, or anything else you can think of.