Monday, January 4, 2010

Updo Hair Trends 2010

Updo Hair Trends 2010

When it comes to hair fashion, hairstyles come and go with the passing seasons, but some styles remain forever timeless. One such style is the updo, and people all over the world are constantly trying to find new ways to modify the style. Here are some updo hairstyles trends for 2010.

An updo can give any woman a glamorous look and is most sought after for proms, weddings and gala events. In years gone buy an updo consisted of hair blown out straight and pinned up. The front was parted and the hair sleeked to the side. This is the classic, and it still looks stunning, especially when glittering hair accessories are added. These days there are many variations on the traditional updo.

One of the most popular modifications to the updo is the curly look. Rollers or a curling iron can be used to get the perfect set of curls. If you only want the back part curly and the front straight then it would be better to curl only up to the mid-lengths. If you want to whole do to be curly then curl all the way to the roots. Another popular trend is to have bangs hanging down, especially the asymmetrical style. This is elegant but still adds a hint of romance, rather than having a very restricted look.

It is always the little things and finer details that make all the difference. In today’s age of less being more, there has been a shift in the way people glam hairstyles up. Some cute details for an updo would be to add a simple tiara or a sprinkle of glitter. You could also use a fresh flower to pin into your hair or use a decorated hair clip.

These are just of the updo hair trends for 2010, and there is definitely one that will suit you.