Friday, January 29, 2010

African American Hairstyles For Summer 2010

African American Hairstyles For Summer 2010

No matter where you looked this year, many African American celebrities were pushing the envelope on fashion. Especially in hairstyles, we have seen a great variety of glamorous and expressive variations!

Long hair wasn’t at the edge of fashion really; it was shorter hair looks that dominated. However, looking at Beyonce on stage you would never have known it! She brought her Sasha Fierce out every time and showed the world that long hair was sexy and wild at her live performances. Tyra Banks also gave us plenty to look at with her longer styles.
Tyra Banks

On the short hair front, Rihanna and Keri Hilson gave women something to be jealous of and gave men the sex appeal they are looking for in women’s fashion. These two fashion-forward divas have been competing for the number one slot as the queen of hair for all ladies of color.
Keri Hilson

Rihanna has traditionally been in the limelight showing off her long side-swept bangs with various highlights and colors. And Keri has been working hard to compete with her different short styles in various bobs and long and short bangs. This competition has been great for women because it has given us lots of options to bring pictures to our stylists to try out the ones we like the best! Finally, this year has also been a celebration of our natural wavy and curly hair. It has been a year of expressing our personalities. Take Missy Elliot or the Black Eyed Peas’ hairstyles and you will see pure expressiveness and shock effect that put them at the front of edgy fashion this year!