Saturday, January 9, 2010

How To Wear Formal Hair

How To Wear Formal Hair

It is hard enough trying to figure out how to wear your hair on a normal day or a night out on the town. Choosing a style for a formal event is an even more daunting task and it is easy to panic. Here are a few styles to consider when it comes to how to wear formal hair.

Whether it is for a prom or a wedding, the most popular style has long been the updo. This style is perfect because it allows you to show off the full extent of your outfit, and doesn’t hide the make-up you spent hours doing. It can range from simple straight or curly dos to fancy styles with plaits and waves. To glam it up a bit you could use decorated pins, beads, glitter, and even a sparkling tiara. If you want a stunning updo but your hair is too short you could get extensions or a hairpiece to get the length. No matter which updo you choose it will give you an elegant look.

While updos are classic, wearing your hair down can also suit a formal occasion. A great idea would be to add curls or waves to get more character out of the style. The best part is you wouldn’t have to pay that much attention when it comes to the earrings, and you could even leave the necklace out altogether. You could curl all the way up to the roots for extra body, or curl up to the mid-lengths. Layers also work very well and frame the face nicely. Whatever style you opt for, make sure you decide well in advance to avoid any last minute mishaps.

Now that you know a little bit more about how to wear formal hair, you can choose a style that will be perfect for your special day.