Thursday, January 28, 2010

Choosing Bridesmaids Hair in 2010

Choosing Bridesmaids Hair in 2010

Every bride faces the same problem on their wedding day: you really don’t want your bridesmaids to look better than you. Not that it’s possible, as all attention is to be focused on you anyway (and it’s your day so you’re automatically the prettiest one there), but you really don’t want to do anything that’s going to detract from that and possibly make you…well…the j-word.
The solution to this problem is simple though. Your bridesmaids add to your beauty by complimenting you with theirs. Finding dresses for bridesmaids is a chore in itself, but finding hairstyles may make you wonder if cutting off their hair is really the answer. (It’s not, and they might not appreciate it.) So, to ward off your frustration, here’s a few simple suggestions for this year’s bridesmaid hairstyles:

Short hair is absolutely gorgeous with one or two tiny little accessories added to it. Try to put it somewhere off center, and have it be elegant and classy, not gaudy. For example, a few baby’s breaths just behind the ear, or a couple of decorated clips.

Medium hair can be swept up, not at the top but in the back. Again, accessories here are key, but since the hair is a big longer, bigger accessories might do. Butterfly clips, curls, fancy parts – whatever tickles your fancy, go for it.

For longer hair, you’ll have to find something that fits your particular face and preferences. Again, most women prefer to wear their hair up, but longer hair gives you much more to work with. You can do something messy, or even curly. With long hair, accessories aren’t needed, as the style can usually speak for itself.