Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Rihanna Hairstyles - 2009, 2010

Rihanna 's Hairstyles - 2009, 2010 Celebrity Hair Ideas

Rihanna’s hair is always beautiful. She truly stands out when she has her haircut short; she has the perfect facial structure for short hair. Rihanna is the one to follow if you want an incredible short haircut.
Rihanna's Trendy Hairstyles

One style that Rihanna wears that everyone loves is the bob. She took the old classic and reinvented it her way. To get her look, have your hair cut into an angled bob. This bob style is great for any woman with any size and any shape face. To be like Rihanna, have your haircut short – to the nape of your neck – and leave your bangs longer. Add a few layers and try an asymmetrical look with your bangs. You don’t have to look just like Rihanna. Have your stylist look at your hair and bone structure; they can help you tailor Rihanna’s bob into a trendy and sexy cut just for you. This is a great cut for both day and night.
Rihanna's Lovely Hairdos

Another great Rihanna hairstyle is another trendy version of the bob. In this version the hair is once again cut up to the nape of the neck but is clipped close. The style is top heavy, with a lot of layers and volume. To keep your volume, blow-dry your hair starting at the roots; this will keep your hair from becoming too flat during the day.
Rihanna's Pixie Cut Hair

Have your bangs long and cut into different length points; this lets your eyes play peek-a-boo and actually draws more attention to them. So if you have an angular face and great eyes, this is the hairstyle for you. While this cut is a little more daring than the one above, it still could easily transition from day to night.