Thursday, September 3, 2009

Natasha Henstridge Hairstyle

Captivating Natasha Henstridge Hair - Summer 2009

Natasha Henstridge is known for her medium length blonde hair and of course the fact that she is very attractive does not hurt. Natasha’s hair color stays pretty much the same but she makes subtle changes to her overall hairstyles. She has worn a straight look with trimmed ends to help accentuate the cut and the style. She also added in some loose layers to help the cut fall into place. On the other hand she also likes to wear her hair wavy and she has been spotted with a part down the middle and wavy blonde hair falling onto her shoulders. She likes to keep her hair shoulder length most of the time. When she does decide to wear her locks longer she likes to keep her layered look.
Natasha Henstridge Latest Hair

Sometimes she may decide to add a side swept bang or even blunt cut bangs. Lately she has been spotted with longer locks. She is not a heavy makeup wearer but she has a great look so she really looks best when she does not try to hard with the makeup. She likes to line her eyes with liner in order to draw attention to her eyes.
Natasha Henstridge Hair

Natasha Henstridge likes to wear nude or light colored lipstick on her pouty lips. The great thing about Natasha is that she knows how to make even a simple style look good. As a former model she knows how to switch her makeup and hair up just enough to create a buzz. However, she prefers the natural look.