Friday, September 25, 2009

2009, 2010 Bridesmaids Hairstyles Tips

2009, 2010 Bridesmaids Hairstyles Tips

Ah, weddings…they are the places where dreams come true. They also can be a nightmare to plan. The last thing any bride should have to worry about is how her bridesmaids are going to wear their hair. A very easy way to solve the dilemma is to simply choose hair accessories that coordinate with the wedding’s theme and allow each bridesmaid to wear whatever style she wants, (this takes the stress off the bride!). While it’s a bit more stressful, it’s a lot more fun for everyone to get together and decide on hairstyles!

A good rule of thumb for bridesmaids’ hairstyles is that they should not draw attention away from the bride. They should be different from whatever the bride is wearing and use different accessories. One nice idea is that if the bride’s hair is up, the bridesmaids should wear theirs down. Vice versa if the bride is wearing her hair down, bridesmaids should wear theirs up. If several bridesmaids have different length hair, matching accessories will be enough to make sure that everything still ties together; hairstyles do not have to be exactly the same.

Short hair is naturally the easiest to style. Even though it is short, there is still a variety of ways it can be styled. Parting it differently or spiking it a little are just two ways short hair can be styled to suit a wedding. Some small accessories can add a lot to short hair. Just make sure not to go overboard.

Medium-length hair is fairly simple to style like short hair, but has the option of fancier styles. One very beautiful suggestion is to use a large barreled curling iron for those big curls that tumble naturally around the shoulders and look soft. Another version of this style is to pull the hair back and pile it on top the head using pins and pretty clips. Leave a few curls to frame the face and you have a simple style that is gorgeous – but won’t outdo the bride.

Long hair has the most versatility for bridesmaids’ hairstyles. Curled hair can be left loose or gathered on top of the head. The same goes for wavy hair. One nice suggestion is to put a small braid on either side of the head then pull both back and pin to the back of the head. Let the rest of the hair simple fall down and accent with coordinating accessories or even just ribbons.