Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Jennifer Aniston Hair Color Formula

Jennifer Aniston Hair Color Formula - Fall Winter 2009-2010 Haircut Styles

Jennifer Aniston
always has beautiful hair. She may have the most gorgeous hair in all of Hollywood! Many women would kill for hair like hers. Hair like Jennifer’s isn’t something you can get without a little bit of work, but wouldn’t it be worth it? The secret to Jennifer’s hair is in the timing, highlights, and lowlights. If you are not naturally a brunette and want your hair color to look just like hers, you need to dye your hair a medium-soft brunette. Clairol and other do-it-yourself hair dyes are just fine; you don’t have to spend a lot of money to get the look.
Jennifer Aniston Hair Color Formula

Highlight your hair in half-inch wide streaks and highlight alternating between a high-lift golden blonde and a high-lift natural blonde. Use a crème 40-volume developer; the crème will make sure that the highlight formulas are thick and will keep the foil from slipping. Spend around 20 minutes under a hot dryer. After 20 minutes add your lowlights. Use a medium golden brown and do about three foils on each side of your head. Make them about 3/4 inches thick. Add a lowlight to your bangs. Use a crème 20-volume developer. Wait for ten minutes then shampoo, condition, and towel dry your hair.
To get the pretty gold glow, you need to mix a few products. Use Clairol’s Golden Color Gloss. Also, mix 1 oz. of Clairol’s 8GB Radiance, 2 oz. of their Radiance Infuser, and another ounce of Radiance Clear. Soak your hair in it and put on a shower cap. Don’t use any heat at this point! Wait for about fifteen minutes then wash your hair. Don’t be afraid to go to a professional if you don’t have the proper equipment and don’t feel silly bringing your own products for them to use; lots of people do! Add your own spin on this style for a more original look.