Friday, August 22, 2008

Hair Care Tools

Haircut Styles presents Hair Care Tools

Using the right hair care tools can enhance the hairstyles that you wear and also protect the hair. Most of the tools are found at local drug stores, while the professional tools are easily available at specialized shops that sell hair care products used by the professional hairstylists at the salons.
There are three different types of brushes that are used for styling the hair. These are the round brush, the paddle brush and the vent brush. Usually the round brush is used for flipping the hair up or making it round at the top at the time of blow drying the hair. The paddle brush is used for longer locks and for curling hair.
A wide tooth comb is sued for detangling the hair especially when it’s wet. Curly hair gets tangled extremely fast and a wide tooth comb can easily loosen the locks without causing any strains. Hair accessories such as hair clips, barrettes, hair pins and rubber bands are used for creating the looks.

Spray bottles are used for wetting the hair during a hair cut. A blow dryer is used for drying and styling the hair in many ways. Curling irons are used for curling the hair in the desired way. Plastic curling irons shouldn’t be used since they might overheat.