Monday, August 11, 2008

Fall 2008 Hairstyles

Haircut Styles presents Fall 2008 Hairstyles

Don't you think it's a time for a change. The fall is coming and there is no effective or quicker way to get a new look then a quick snip of scissors. Find out which of fall's new hairstyles will work best for your face shape, hair texture and level of commitment.

Fall 2008 Hair - FABULOUS FRINGE
You'll have to trim bangs every 3 or 4 weeks. Fabulous Fringe suits best for those ladies with the heart and oval shaped faces.

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Fall 2008 Hairstyle Idea

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Fall 2008 Hair - THE MUSHROOM BOB

There's nothing better than combining old and new!
The Mushroom Bob Hairstyle works best on a medium to light weight hair types and suits best for tall and sexy girls with that feminine touch!
Fall 2008 Hairstyle Idea

Fall 2008 Hair - THE BLUNT BOB
The Blunt Bob Hairstyle suits best for straight, fine to medium textured hair.

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Fall 2008 Hair - THE PIXIE CUT
Agyness Deyn is a synonym for a pixie cut, but why wouldn't you try it as well. But remember you need to have a perfect shaped face for this haircut. You can get pixie cut with any type of hair texture accept curly! This haircut is very easy to maintain, you'll need the scissors every 6 weeks!
Fall 2008 Hairstyle Idea

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Fall 2008 Hairstyle Idea