Monday, August 11, 2008

Dealing with Gray Hair

Haircut Styles presents Dealing with Gray Hair

It can be quite bothersome for people when they discover that they have gray or white hair. In fact it can be quite damning for people that are there in their twenties to discover that they have gray or white hair. It’s not really such a big deal when they are just a few, but when they become quite visible, most people would like to cover up their grey hair.
Gray Hair

The first option is to color the hair. But grey hair doesn’t hold color as well as the original hair color. In fact the color may fade or wash away after shampooing the hair for quite a few times. If the coloring isn’t done properly, the color may not even hold on the hair. To avoid these situations, many of hair stylists also add hydrogen peroxide to the hair coloring solution to ensure that the hold holds on.
Another option is to highlight the hair. Highlighting the hair helps to blend the original hair color with the grey hair. But the option of highlighting works only on people that have blond to medium brown hair. If a person has naturally dark brown or dark black hair, then this option would hardly work.