Friday, March 14, 2008

Haircut styles: Short hair tips

Haircut styles presents Short hair tips for Spring and summer 2008
Many of us ask the same question over and over again; would short hairstyle look good on us or not? This question comes up every time, right before a trip to our hairdresser. But the fact is that short hairstyle can look nice on almost everybody. Short hairstyle is usually defined as the hair which should fall above the shoulder line. The shorter your hair is, there is less possibility the cut will tailor to your face shape. If you want to get just perfect short hairstyle that suits your face best, then you should pay the attention, that your hair needs to show the positives of your face shape.If your face is rounder and you still want to have a short hairstyle then it is very important to make your face appear longer than it is in reality. You can achieve that, if you cut your shorter hair in layers as opposed to blunt end cuts.

If your face is longer, then short hairstyles with blunt ends are the best solution for. Unlike with round faces, your goal will be that your long face shape will appear wider, to detract from the length of your face. If you have longer face, then extremely short hairstyles should be avoided because this would result in your face appear much longer. The best short hairstyle for longer faces is definitely chin length bob.

More haircut styles soon!