Sunday, March 9, 2008

Haircut styles: Men trends for Spring and Summer 2008

Haircut styles presents Men trends for Spring and Summer 2008
Brand new hairstyle is a great way to change your look. With year 2008 it's not uncommon as it was in the past that men, the same as the women are paying much more attention to their hairstyle and have a concept of attractiveness. More and more males know that they would look much more attractive with a trendy haircut and there are so many stylish 2008 spring and sumer hairstyles for men in the market today.
There are many very popular hairstyles for a men of 21st century that may vary depending on the length of the hair. Men hairstyles can be short, long, textured or super short. Which hairstyles will best suit you, completely depends on your facial shape, hair type and your lifestyle, but the fact is that men with short hairs look classy and sophisticated and short hairstyles are "in" for the spring and summer of 2008.

Some of the most popular short haircuts:
Bantu knot - this is a combination of twisted plaits and knots.
Crew cut - this type of haircut is tapered at he bottom and at the sides and the hair is slightly longer at the top.
Classic cut – this is pure classic, it's a sporty haircut, remember President Big Willy.
Brush cut - this is a type of hairstyle in which your hair is cut in a way that stands up as bristles or brushes

Spikes can be short or long, this depends on the personal taste of each man. Hair is cut in a way that stands up like spikes.

Bowl cut – Not my favorite haircut, but some men still like it a lot! Very easy to achieve it You place a bowl on the top of your head and then cut off everything that protrudes out from the bowl.

Few words for men who prefer to keep medium length of their hair. The most popular haircut for medium long hair is known as internationally messy This style produces a very fancy look with hairs which fall randomly on each other. Some other popular medium long hairstyles are:

Simple-fall-down style: This a type of hairstyle where hairs are simply falling down or parted with waves, curls or ringlets at the ends.

The popular long hair styles are:

Pony tail hair: You can either hold together all the hairs or tie a pony or a plait.
Dimensional-cut-hairstyle: this type of haircut is heavily tapered with added texture.

You should also know that your hair needs maintenance and care. High quality shampoos, conditioners and gels are a must if you want to have stylish and healthy hair. Have a great spring and summer of 2008 with your brand new haircut!

Haicut styles will be back soon