Tuesday, May 4, 2010

How to Get Rihanna Bob Hairstyle

How to Get Rihanna's Bob Hairstyle

There are many reasons to consider getting a bob hairstyle. In addition to being classy, chic, and cute, they are also very easy to maintain. Bob hairstyles also look great with nearly every facial shape, so regardless of whether your face is round or elongated, there is a variation of the bob haircut which will suit your personal preferences. If you’ve decided to get a bob hairstyle, then why not get the edgiest one around? It’s simple to learn how to get Rihanna’s bob hairstyle, as her cut is only a slight variation of the traditional bob. If you want locks like Rihanna’s, then simply leave one side of your bob a little longer than the other. This will achieve a slightly asymmetrical look which will look even edgier when paired with an intense splash of color. The variations in Rihanna’s bob truly bring an old fashioned haircut into this decade. While the traditional bob was a single length with bangs, the new bob consists of various lengths. Rihanna’s bob, in particular, is slightly layered. This gives the haircut a textured affect.

Additionally, it gives her hair more natural body, so it looks fuller and more vibrant for a longer period of time. Additionally, this bob hairstyle can be worn both curly and straight. The slight layers allow the hair to curl beautifully. So if you’re looking for a cut which offers some day to day variation options, then the asymmetrical Rihanna inspired bob could be the perfect hairstyle for you.