Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Hair Tips For Round Face Shapes

Hair Tips For Round Face Shapes

There is no absolute right answer for all faces, but there are some general rules that apply to round faces directly.

First, never get a cut that is exactly chin length. Framing your face with a chin length cut is very unflattering. There are plenty of chic new options to have your hair well above the chin, or mid-way past the chin towards the shoulders. Longer hairstyles can work well especially with curly hair like in Catherine Zeta Jones’s case. Realistically, for a round face you should look for a shorter haircut that will help elongate your face.

Second, never get a one-color dye job. One color in your hair makes it look a little unnatural, somewhat unhealthy, and just plain boring. It is the little highlights that allow your hair to appear to have more depth, and at the same time, elongate your face. Highlights, even subtle ones, draw the eye away from the round shape.

Third, think twice about bangs. Unless you have a longer hair style, and you have a decently wide forehead, bangs will simply accentuate your round features. Of course, with the fringe haircuts very in style this winter, your stylist may have some great ideas as well. Still, bangs with a shorter haircut may be the best bet.

Taking a look at celebrity photos with stylish cuts will undoubtedly give you many more ideas! Be creative and don’t be afraid to experiment a little. Just find a stylist you can trust first!