Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Prom Updos For 2010 Prom

Prom Updos For 2010 Prom

One of the most important times in a girl's life is her prom. Many girls spend hundreds of dollars finding the perfect prom shoes, dress, and makeup. Hairstyles are just as important as a great dress for the prom. Make sure that you choose your dress before you decide on a hairstyle, so that you'll have an easier time choosing what hairstyle you will want.
Prom Updo Hair Idea 2010

Updos are very popular and look great on any girl. A ballerina bun is an excellent choice to wear to the prom. This updo is simple to do, yet looks elegant. Wash and dry your hair, adding a smoothing serum to make sure your hair stays smooth and looks great. Pull your hair back into a high ponytail and then take the ponytail and wrap it around its own base. Use hairpins to secure your hair. Now just add accessories as needed, such as a pearl wrap that will sit around the bun, or jeweled hairpins. Even flowers or ribbons can be used and will look excellent.
Prom Night Hair for 2010 Prom

A French twist is an excellent choice for prom. Yes it's traditional, but there is a reason that it is still a popular formal style for any age woman – it's gorgeous. To make a French twist, put your hair in a ponytail about halfway up the back of your head, then secure it. Twist the hair all the way to your scalp and pin it in place. You can add a modern twist to the French twist by making it on the side of your head, or by making it sit horizontally along the back of your neck.
2010 Prom Updo Idea

Whatever way you choose, add accessories as needed to make sure that your hair stands out at the prom.