Monday, March 8, 2010

Cheryl Cole Hairstyles

Cheryl Cole Hairstyle

Have you noticed that the X Factor judge Cheryl Cole always have a beautiful and stylish hair? She can sport a long straight hair to a wavy long hair. She is also one of those few celebrities to embrace those hair extensions. She utilizes those hair extensions to add length and volume. She has also been seen to abandon those hair extensions and went with her medium length, natural hair. Whatever the length and the style she has with her hair, she always manages to wear them fabulously. Here are some of Cheryl Cole's hairstyles.

One of the more popular styles Cheryl has is her big teased hairstyle. To achieve this look, first you must focus on the crown. Tease your hair on the crown instead of teasing your hair everywhere. Focusing on the crown will give you just the right amount of volume. The next step is to use a flat backed brush instead of a comb. The reason for this is because brushes are easy on your locks. The next and probably the most important part of this hairstyle is to get creative. Just curl your hair in rollers then slick hair back in a low ponytail or just pull a headband into place. Word of advice is to just have fun and explore with your new volume.
Cheryl Cole - Straight Bangs hair

Another one of her popular hairstyles is the 'Cleopatra look'. It is basically a straight cut hair with full bangs. For those with long straight hair this may be the suitable and perfect style for you. You will get an abundant number of natural movements with the fringe framing your features. Just cut hair with a definite shape in the layers at the side. Do not forget to give the ends a blunt cut to attain the appearance of a weight.