Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Medium Hairstyles for Weddings

Medium Hairstyles for Weddings
A wedding is stressful enough without having to worry about your hair. If you have medium length hair, then you are in luck. There are tons of styles for you to choose from. Medium length hair is the best of both worlds – you have all the ease of a short hairstyle, but the versatility of long hair.

A very easy to do yet extremely attractive hairstyle to wear for your wedding is to have your hair in waves and pull it half up. To do this style, wash and dry your hair. Use a large curling iron and roll your hair with it. Don’t use the clip, as this will give you better waves. Do 1 – 2 inch sections. Hold it for a few seconds, then release. Your hair will be waved and beautiful. Now just pull the top half up and secure behind your head with a clip that goes with your wedding theme.

Another great hairstyle for your wedding day
is a French twist with strands that are left loose. It’s a beautiful modern variation of the classic French twist, and is sure to make you look wonderful on your wedding day. To do this style, first put your hair in a low ponytail. Leave some of the front loose. Twist your hair up until it is flush right up against your scalp and secure with hairpins. You can use jeweled pins if you like for this style. You also can add all the accessories you want with this simple style.