Thursday, May 14, 2009

Pixie Haircuts For Hot Summer

Pixie Haircuts - Great Short Cuts For Hot Summer

Pixie cuts are being adopted by more celebrities who have chosen this short look over the popular bob. Victoria Beckham, Katie Holmes and Keira Knightley are just a few of the beautiful people who have opted to go short with their hair. Pixie cuts are even shorter than the shortest bob, and when they are razor cut, the resulting look is both unique and a bit mischievous.

Keira Knightley With Short Pixie Haircut

Women adore this style because of its easy care: the short length is ultra-stylish, and compliments your personality while ensuring that your face is the center of attention.
Keira’s choice works beautifully to accent her facial features, bringing drama to her eyes. By selecting a full-volume look instead of the flat pixie that is so common in this style for short hair, she achieved her special look by having her hair razor cut in layers. Multi-dimensional color highlights were added to give depth and mystery to this super short cut. For an added touch of glamour, long fringe bangs top off the tousled look kept in place with a bit of frizz control gel to give here the ultimate simple and sexy look.

Victoria Beckham With Her Latest Pixie Cut

Pixie haircuts are often called a cap or even a chop; it all depends on which stylist you are talking to. But no matter what you call it, this very short cut can cause sparks to fly with a lot of layering from the crown to the hairline with longer lengths of hair tapering at the nape of the neck.

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