Monday, May 18, 2009

Exotic Hairstyles

Exotic Hairstyles - Becoming Huge Trend in 2009

The popularity of exotic hairstyles has steadily grown in the past ten years, providing women and men with alternative styles that include hair extensions, hair weaving and wigs. The highest quality exotic hair is “virgin” which means the hair has never been processed. This hair is available in all textures of European, Brazilian, American or Indonesian hair. With virgin hair you have the full range of styling techniques in coloring. You can also purchase exotic hair that has been processed, usually this is 100% Remy Indian, Italian or Malaysian human hair.

Paris Hilton With An Exotic Hairstyle

Weaving or braiding human or synthetic exotic hair into your own can completely change your appearance by making your hair longer and thicker. Many women choose exotic hairstyles to add texture to the hair without using chemicals. To create some exotic hairstyles, a long curved needle and a thick thread that matches the color of the hair is used to secure the weft of hair. In hair weaving, the stylist attaches the hair with a glue that usually washes out of the hair with a special shampoo/conditioner without damaging your hair. It is important to use the right products to maintain your style and prevent breakage. When using traditional hair extensions to create exotic hairstyles, the number of ‘sets’ that the stylist will have to use varies according to the thickness or the style desired. With ‘lace extensions,’ the stylist uses a cap made of nylon mesh material as a base for the extensions for more comfort to the wearer.

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