Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Choppy Scene Hairstyles

Choppy Scene Haircuts - Radical Shock Appeal For Summer 2009

Choppy scene haircuts have only one rule: hair is in a constant state of change of color, cut and accessories. While there is no standard cut that defines ‘scene’ instead the cut depends on what scene the individual identifies with, for instance, the club where they hang out, their friends, or their preferences in clothes and music.

Scene Haircuts - For Girls and Boys

Scene hairstyles tend to be long and straight with lots of real-life color. In the choppy scene haircuts the scissors are used to bring out radical shock appeal. The angles are extreme and bangs are never cut straight. In scene hair, no one should be able to tell from your haircut whether you are female or male.

Cool Scene Hair

Some of the choppy scene haircuts are designed to be wild, for example extreme teased, stacked, layered or slicked back Mohawks without shaving the sides of your head can definitely work well in some scenes. If you like the shy hair style where the bangs are long enough to cover the eyes, be prepared to have the attitude you need to work it and be convincing that you are truly part of the scene. Different music genres play a role in scene hairstyles; retro classic, hardcore, pop, indie, metal and new wave all have their followings. If you want to wear your choppy scene haircut with confidence, look to your favourite musicians to give you a lead on your scene style. No matter which choppy scene haircut you choose, remember to add lots of brilliant color.