Monday, June 23, 2008

Haircut Styles: Rihanna Hair

Haircut Styles presents Rihanna Bob Hairstyle
Rihanna is a great singer, stylist and has hairstyles that would suit each and every occasion. She has sported a number of hairstyles from super straight, to wavy and even curly. She is also known to style her own hair. The hairstyle that she wears make her look chic and sassy and at the same time glamorous.
Rihanna Bob Hairstyle

© Pixplanete / PR Photos
Her recent razored look has been the talk of the town. This razor hairstyle was graduated and has textured; layers. They are cut like razor edge. This hairstyle is a must for those who want to give an extra edge to their hairstyles. This hairstyle doesn’t require much maintenance and would only require 20 minutes to be done at a salon.
Rihanna Pixie Cut

© Janet Mayer / PR Photos
Rihanna has also been seen sporting a straight short bob hairstyle. The look can be achieved by graduating the back and blending the sides and the top of the hair. This gives a soft look to the face. Bangs can be swept on the face to give it a modern look. But the hairstyle is quite high maintenance. Those who have naturally curly hair should straighten their hair. Gel is required to set the hair in place. A lot of blow drying would be required with a long brush to create the round look.