Sunday, June 29, 2008

Haircut Styles: Nicole Richie Blonde Hair

Haircut Styles presents Nicole Richie Blonde Hair
The orange brassy color of Nicole Richie’s hair is one that will be remembered by many a fan and onlooker. The part that seems to be adjusted to the left in all her pictures is common to many of her exquisite hairstyles. These styles have not been few in the years she has graced the media as celebrity. She has been seen with styles such as waves, wings, braids, and the ever popular ponytail. The styles she chooses today are more sexy and alluring but keep with the trends in hairstyles. Thank goodness the extensions are not part of her hair routine anymore.
Nicole Richie Hairstyle

© Janet Mayer / PR Photos
Since Nicole Richie has taken her leave of Paris Hilton, the changes that have come because of it are amazing. Weight has disappeared as did the hair extensions she cherished. Now with the birth of her daughter, Nicole Richie’s hairstyles might be getting even simpler to go along with her new role as mom. Her hair still shows a softer romantic side.
Nicole Richie Blonde Hair

© J. Bailey / PR Photos
The mature short styles are the best she has chosen for herself in many years. Maybe it is time for her to do a lot more grown up things including how she styles her hair.
Nicole Richie Wavy Hairstyle
© Tina Gill / PR Photos