Thursday, June 19, 2008

Haircut Styles: Katie Holmes Hairstyle

Haircut Styles presents Katie Holmes Hairstyle
Katie Holmes has got a short bob just like her friend Victoria Beckham, but it’s not as zany as her. In fact it’s really soft and gives a really feminine look. Katie Homes has sported long and curvy hair before her marriage. In fact she could be seen in some really girlie hairstyles. But post marriage to Tom Cruise, her taste in clothes and her hairstyles have matured a lot.
Katie Holmes Bob Hairstyle

Now she can be spotted in more mature dresses. She wears less of casual clothes. In fact she is often seen escorted by Tom Cruise at most places. She has been looking really hip and happening. She has also started looking much older than she really is. This may be borne of her desire to match her husband’s age.
Earlier she has been seen in a medium short wavy hair with fringes in the front for many awards night. For the Oscars she was seen in a formal hairstyle, that she pinned back, giving her a leek diva like look. But her hairstyles when she got engaged to Tom Cruise are long. In fact she has more than shoulder length hair which is all wavy and kisses her faces and back. She looks really captivating and she must surely have captivated Tom Cruise too.