Friday, December 18, 2009

Latest Hairstyles Trends 2010 - Keri Hilson

Latest Hairstyles Trends 2010 - Keri Hilson, a True Hair Trend Setter!

There are very few celebrities out there whose hairstyles are more diverse than Keri Hilson. She has really made an art out of changing her style in dramatic and interesting ways!
Keri Hilson With Short Wavy Hair

Keri has competed with Rihanna in the category of newest and edgiest hairstyles for some time now. They both have a wonderful grasp of how to use their short hairstyles to grab the media’s attention! Keri has gone with shorter styles that generate lots of volume in her hair, and side-swept bangs, that give her a youthful, but sexy look. Also, she has tried out a closer-cut bob style that works just as well but is a little more sophisticated. Both of these looks can take her from the street to a formal event on any given day with just a few styling products added.
Keri Hilson Bob Hairstyle

We have also seen Keri take her medium length cut to the red carpet this year! She gave us a shocking color scheme by dying the ends of her hair one color and the rest of her hair another color. It was a bold fashion statement that showed off her confidence and personality! She is not afraid to try out new styles, and she is not afraid to push the envelope when it comes to expressing her inner artist!
Keri Hilson Short Fringe Hairdo

Keri is a breath of fresh air as an artist who is unafraid to show how fashion and music can be so intimately linked! Putting Keri in the public eye is like giving a painter a blank canvas to create a masterpiece! Keri simply is the full package – talented and beautiful!