Monday, December 14, 2009

Best Hairstyles For Square Faces in 2010

Best Hairstyles For Square Faces in 2010

Strong, square jaw lines make this look slightly more masculine than other facial shapes, and softening the lines is a great way to create balance. Here are some basic tips to flattering your facial features.

Short to medium cuts with waves or roundness to the hair will flatter your straight-lined features the most. Wispy bangs offer softer lines that draw the eye away from a square face. Also, you may consider an off-center part with some height to your hair as part of your overall look because that will offset any harsher lines. You have a very symmetrical shape which will benefit from the elongated effects of raising the hair a little bit. And again, if you have straight hair, you might consider a little curl or wave to help achieve a nice balance with your straight features.

Try to avoid long straight styles that accentuate your jawbone. And stay away from the linear bang cuts or the down-the-center parts in your hairstyles also. You want to break up some of the symmetrical features in your face, not emphasize them! You can wear a layered bob, but don’t end it at the chin. Make the cut above or below the jaw line to soften the look. Adding a little height and volume towards the top of your head will balance out a wider jaw as well.

Whatever you do, a little research online can help. Look at celebrities that have a square face, and use this article to ponder their hair styles. Then, bring in some pictures to your stylist and be bold when you choose your perfect style!