Friday, October 16, 2009

Katie Holmes Bob Haircut Style

Katie Holmes' Bob Haircut Style

Katie Holmes recently joined the growing number of celebrities with bob haircuts. Her new bob haircut made her look extremely sophisticated. The bob is a great cut for any woman because with modern tweaks it can be adapted to suit any woman’s face shape.
Katie Holmes' Bob Haircut

Katie Holmes used to have beautiful shoulder-length hair. She’s opted for a bob and looks incredible. To get her look, find a picture of Katie wearing the particular bob style you like best and take it to your stylist. You don’t have to go to a really expensive and fancy salon. Any stylist knows how to give a bob haircut. Your stylist will cut your hair short, to the nape of the neck, and then design it around your face. You could look exactly like Katie if you want to! This style would be easiest for those with straight hair to pull off.
Don’t think that because you don’t have the same face shape or the same body size as Katie that you can’t pull off this haircut. You can. The beauty of the bob is that anyone can wear it and look great doing it. Try layering your hair in various ways. Or keep your bangs long where you can switch up your look a bit - one day wear your bangs swept to the side, the next let them play peek-a-boo with your eyes. Have your stylist help you decide what kind of layers would be right for you. You may even want to add in a few layers textured with a razor or some highlights. Take the style and make it your own; you will look as good as Katie day or night.