Thursday, October 1, 2009

Hairstyle Tips For Men 2010

Hairstyle Tips For Men - 2009, 2010 Haircut Styles Edition

Men are just as likely to have a “bad hair day” as women, but generally they will not complain as much. Unfortunately some of the hair tips for men do not give them enough information to have what to look for when visiting a barber or salon to achieve a good hair style.
To being choosing the style that is right for your face shape and hair texture, any barber or stylist who knows what they are doing will first determine the pattern of hair growth. They should examine the crown area and feel the hair by running their hands through it. Although everyone hair begins at the crown, it’s important to see how the hair bends and moves when combed or brushed in different directions.
Trendy Male Haircut For 2010 Season

Some men have “cow licks” which is a small section of hair that grows in a different direction that are easy to see when the hair is combed against the direction of growth so that the ends stand up. So of the most famous celebrities have a head full of cow licks, which gives their hair the appearance of being a tousled mess.
Another one of the hair tips for men that goes unspoken is that your barber or stylist should always take note of the growth at your neckline. The neckline that has an even growth pattern is the most versatile, while the neckline that grows toward the middle means that your hair is growing in half circles and will limit your hairstyle choices.