Thursday, July 16, 2009

Tips For a Perfect Curly Hair

Tips For a Great Curly Hairstyle - Summer Fall 2009 Hair Tips

Many women with naturally curly hair have experienced the scenario of being in tears after returning home from a salon visit for a cut or trim. Curly hair is a challenge for most stylists and unfortunately there are many who are not aware of the best techniques to cut curly hair. You can avoid shedding tears if you know some of the most important things your stylist should do to give you a great curly haircut.

Lovely Curly Hair

Probably the first rule for women who have curly hair to keep in mind is that your hair should be DAMP when it’s cut. This rule can be applied to cutting all types of hair, but it’s especially important if you want a great curly haircut.
Secondly, curly hair doesn’t work well with blunt cuts: they stretch the hair out, resulting in an even shorter length when it dries. Your stylist should not go through the hair and cut only the crest of every curl either. If you want a great curly haircut and have fine, curly hair, the last thing you want to do is thin it out. If your stylist cuts midway through one curl your hair, it will create a very frizzy look and your hair will be very fragile. Another ‘no-no’ is using a razor to cut it, because it may not be as sharp as scissors and can cause your hair to fray. If your stylist uses too many layers, this will result in volume that’s not so pretty.

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