Saturday, July 11, 2009

Katie Holmes Hair Color

Katie Holmes Hair Color - Summer and Fall 2009 Hair Color Ideas

Katie Holmes hair color has made fashion headlines in her choice of hairstyles, giving brunettes the spotlight with beautiful hairstyles in a variety of lengths. She wowed the paparazzi with her short and sassy bob, a hairstyle that is favored for its versatility for different hair lengths as well as facial shapes.

Katie Holmes Hair Color

Fame smiled on Katie Holmes when she was cast as one of the characters in the “Dawson’s Creek” television series. At the time, she wore her hair long and straight. After her marriage to Tom Cruise, Katie Holmes cut her hair shorter and heighted her star appeal. In 2007, her hair color was a chocolate brown which complimented her eyes and skin tone well. Her hair was longer then, almost reaching her shoulders. However she has also used hair color; at times giving it a rich, golden glaze and sometimes a deeper brunette shade for a dramatic, almost jet black look. For women who love the way Katie Holmes looks in her bob haircuts, part of the credit goes to the full-bodied, single colors she uses which look absolutely fabulous in this hairstyle.
Katie Holmes is known for changing hairstyles frequently. In 2008 she surprised everyone by donning a “pob” or posh bob haircut. And recently she has made photographers look twice, because of her super-short pixie haircut. Katie Holmes can wear this haircut well because of her facial features. By choosing this hairstyle, she joins a growing list of celebrities who are selecting this easy, breezy hairdo.

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