Monday, November 17, 2008

Straight Hairstyles Fall Winter 2008-2009

Straight Hairstyles Fall Winter 2008-2009

Straight Hairstyles have been around since the beginning of the century, when women donned some very masculine, very short straight haircuts. This type of haircut has since then become less popular but can still be seen around.
Straight haircuts are very versatile and easy to shape, both for men and women, and will easily conform to any situation, and adapt easily to each personality and taste.
Straight hair will look good with short, medium or long hair, and can even work with mixes of any of them.

Spring Summer 2009 Hairstyles Edition - Straight Hairstyle

Short straight hair can look serious and business like, or sexy and flirtatious. With moderate application of mousse, it can be made to look fashionably messy and tousled. The bob cut is still very popular and a simple crop cut will also look very elegant for fine facial features.
With medium length hair, it is easy to give it a lot of volume for a hollywoodesque visual, or make it flat and stern. It is also possible to give it waves, or cut it in a choppy, modern style. By making it shorter on the back and longer on the forehead, the neck and back of the head will be elegantly accentuated. The cut can have straight edges or have multiple layers, which give a relaxed and joyful look.
Long hair has several good possibilities. Having it layered or waved will always look elegant and classical. A straight, sleek shoulder length cut, with straight edges will frame the face beautifully, and it is also possible to add a fringe or a mullet.

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