Monday, November 24, 2008

Men's Haircuts

Men's Haircuts - Winter 2008-2009

Men hairstyles have traditionally, and classically, been short haircuts. The hair length is, usually, only a few inches long, rarely reaching the shoulders, in opposition to the classical female hairstyle which is normally much longer.
The short men hair is frequently associated with sobriety and a well disciplined conduct.
There have been many variations of this, though, through the centuries and cultures, and it is interesting to mention some of the most excentric ones, such as the Mohawk (originating in the Mohican culture, and still associated with the punk underground movement) or the extremely elaborate wigs worn by 17th century French nobility.

Spring Summer 2009 Hairstyles Edition - Men Haircut

Normal male hairstyles are the buzz cut, in which the hair is cut the same length all along the head, the crew cut, originally used in the military but which has drifted into a normal everyday haircut, the buzz cut, the business man’s cut, which is prominently featured by Dr.House, and the Caesar cut, layered to around 1 to 2 inches all over and brushed forward to a short bang or fringe at the front.

Spring Summer 2009 Hairstyles Edition - Men Haircut

Other styles include having bangs, where the hair falls in front of the forehead, a mullet, that combines a very short front and side cut with or without bangs with a long back section that will hang down to the shoulders or longer, the brush cut, made so that it stands up literally like brush bristles, or simply going completely bald.
Some less used hairstyles, but still normally acceptable, are the use of braids or dreadlocks, more associated with rock stars or African culture, or even giving hair an intentionally look of being completely messed up.

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