Thursday, October 2, 2008

The Best Hairstyle for Your Body Shape

Haircut Styles Blog presents the Topic: The Best Hairstyle for Your Body Shape

The right hair can truly make all the difference in how beautiful you look and feel. In fact, your whole body’s appearance can be greatly enhanced by choosing a haircut that works with your figure. The best way to do this is to have a hairstylist examine your ‘do before you sit down in the chair. However, you can go into the salon with some ideas ready for what cuts will flatter your figure.

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For example, those who are petite look best with short or medium hairstyles. These lengthen your figure and draw eyes upwards, while a longer ‘do would make you seem smaller. Additionally, hair with angles and layers that add some volume can complement your body size. Also, try to choose a mature, professional cut that will help you look your age. For those women with a full-figured body, a layered, medium-length cut can be slimming and flattering. Bangs can also help soften a round face and bring attention back to your beautiful features. Those who have a tall, straight body shape can wear the widest variety of cuts. However, you may want to avoid cropped, boyish cuts as these can seem particularly unfeminine on those people lacking curves.